Here are the final standings for the team nationals held this last weekend.

1st place.
Team what would tims waifu do?
Garett Brett
Devon Bernier
Kevin Beadle

2nd place.
Team M.A.N.U.P
Alan Witherden
Michael Mcewan
Nathan Squire

3rd place.
Team we don't give a flying FCUK
Richard Bassindale
Jack Hawkins
Dan Austin

4th place.
Team profannyty
Rio gopaul
Ricky gopaul
Jonathan Armstrong

5th place.
Team Jack and bitches
Jack lambourne
Dave garwood
David Newby

6th place.
Team 2 chaps and a filthy Vulcan
Dave Hancock
Mike Hardiman
Nathan Dodsworth

7th place.
Team Mike built our decks
Damon Foster
Peter Butcher
Phil Harris

8th place.
Team ???
Oliver Hill
Adam Crichton
Dan Morris

I think the last 2 are right, I can't find some of the printouts i made at patriots yesterday so if I'm wrong I'll amend this after I've been there on Wednesday.