I have become a Scout recently and got a new venue starting up for MI. This is the first official Venue we have had since RIW stopped right around the Tide of Vengeance release. I have got in to Eternal Games Monday and things are looking very positive, Paul said he would be happy to run tournaments and even started talking with me about pre-releases for the next Mega Man set, He is checking with his distribution center about what they carry for UFS and he is going to do what he can to get product in. Keeping my fingers crossed that things work out here.

Tournaments will be on Saturdays and will start at 5, right now they close at 8 this will give us time to do three rounds, with our current players taking a step away from the game this should be fine for the time being, hopefully they will return to full force soon and we will start at 4 instead. $5 will be the entry fee and payout is being voted on by players in the facebook group.

This store can be found at 26051 Hoover Rd Warren, Michigan 48089