Hey fellow UFS peeps, I know this may be a little later in the evening than most would have expected but here are your TWO major announcements as promised.

The first announcement is that the first stop on the UK Circuit will take place at Patriot Games Sheffield on May 30th 2015, I am giving you plenty of time to prepare for this not only financially but to book holidays from work and what not. Since the rebirth of UFS under the Jasco Games banner Patriot Games have been fantastic hosts for UFS over the years and their continued support not only allows us to keep afloat but I believe will allow us to grow and flourish over the next year or so. Now with that said do not threat our more southern players I will be holding the events in four different locations across the country to make things as fair as possible and to make it so as many people can attend each event as possible. The current plan (schedules allowing) will go north, south, north, south.

Now as for the other three locations I do have a plan for one of them (I do not want to go into too much detail here as I have yet to discuss this with the store) but as for the other locations they are completely up in the air so if you think your store would be suitable to hold one of the events then please get in touch either through this page or PM on my own Facebook page as I have most of you on there anyway.

the current plan is as follows:

Stop One – May 30th Patriot Games Sheffield
Stop Two – August (tbc)
Stop Three – November (tbc)
Stop Four – February (tbc)
Invitational – May 2016 Patriot Games Sheffield

The circuit beginning and ending at Patriot Games is a request by Jasco Games as they want the circuit to begin and end there so those are the only two events locked in place at the moment.

Now as for UK Nationals that will slot in somewhere In October which I will need to co-ordinate with Richard Bassindale so that it doesn’t clash too much with the November event and we can get as many people to each event as possible.

In addition to the prize support that will be provided by Jasco Games I am also going to be dipping into my own pockets to provide some special bits and pieces to be added to the prize pool.

Finally for these events I know that the top prize of a flight to GenCon and entry badge to GenCon may not appeal to everyone; but I hope that you will see that entry prizes alone and the opportunity to spend more time with the great people who play this game will entice you to enter and have a god time anyway. Myself and AJ have put a lot of time into this in order to make it the best we possibly can so I genuinely hope that you all give it a chance and see how much fun it can and will be.

Now for the second announcement, it is with great pleasure that I announce the debut of the UFS Extended National Championships, now some of you may remember extended from back when Jasco first obtained the game and there were two extended world championships but never a nationals, so not only will we be getting our first ever Extended Nationals we will also be having the first one since the revival of the format.

The Extended National Championship will take place on:

Sunday 31st May 2015 at Patriot Games Sheffield.

That is correct we get a UFS weekend extravaganza with the first UK Circuit stop on the Saturday and then extended nationals the next day; now extended will be run by our mighty overlord Baz as he will continue to undertake National TO duties for the foreseeable future.

So that is it your two announcements for the evening:
UK CIRCUIT STOP ONE: May 30th 2015 Patriot Games Sheffield
UK EXTENDED NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: May 31st 2015 Patriot Games Sheffield

Thank you for taking your time to read this entire thing, get hype peeps!

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