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Thread: How is the game ?

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    How is the game ?

    Hi all, been a long time since i looked at a ufs card. Came across a binder with loads of promo's from back in the day, and also found a draw of commons and uncommons, and even some red horizon stuff. Made me smile a little. I just was wondering what play is like in the uk. I see that the U.S. has a lot of play, but unfortunately i live in England XD.

    Just curious about the game. Right now with the card games floating around, yugioh destined to be the game that tries to end in the first move, magic being a wallet sinker, with pokemon vanguard and buddyfight being what they have always been. I remember UFS being more about skill and less about owning the best stuff, where a game is a game and not a chance to catch up on some reading while your opponent tries to figure out if they can lock you out of the game in turn one. >.>
    Unfortunately I live in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, so those games listed above are pretty much the norm. I don't really know other players in this game. I don't mind putting a little money into this game, heck i could probably sell a yugioh deck and a binder full of old UFS promo's on ebay and see what happens.

    But I'm just wanting to know if this game has changed a lot, is it still fun to play, and if there is anywhere close by that i could indulge in this game ?

    Thanks for reading, sorry about the long ass post XD

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    While I've not stayed with the game consistently, I've been around at various points in its lifespan and all I can really say has changed is that vitality gain isn't nearly as prominent, balance has improved and print quality took a nose dive around the release of Red Horizon. The latter being somewhat unfortunate but a necessary evil were the game to make it back to the point of being able to afford licences.

    Competitive play, while not quite as fast and furious as my own style, does seem to have moved on from the era where running 5-8 attacks was considered a good build.

    As for finding players, Sheffield is the heart of the country for UFS, I don't know what else goes down.

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