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Thread: Jumping back in - Fire Goro for post rotation

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    Jumping back in - Fire Goro for post rotation

    So I had my first wet of games since getting back into UFS, with nothing but commons, uncommons, and the Rs/URs out of two boxes of Ruler, here is what I came up with.


    3x Reprogramming

    1x Team Japan

    1x Genocide Vulcan
    1x Kyoutendouchi
    4x Rapid Proto
    4x 108-Shiki Yamibaral
    2x Tenchi-Gaeshi
    4x Jirashin
    4x Fire Slam

    4x Forgotten
    2x 8000 Degrees
    3x Large and Scary Looking
    2x Watchful Eye
    2x Rising Storm
    2x Arachnophobia
    3x Reason for Existence
    1x Prototype
    1x Wall of Goro
    3x Reunion of Champions
    3x Accomplished Grappler
    3x House Keeper
    2x Killing Dinosaurs
    3x Always Watching
    3x Scion of the Flame
    2x Rejecting Family
    2x Lone Wanderer
    2x Repaired by Doctor Wily

    General Strategy

    1. Poke for a turn or two with Fire storm/Techi/Proto Buster(for momentum)
    2. Reprogramming into 108 into Jirashin
    3. String out attacks from the draws into death

    Between Goro and the other damage reduce, I thought I could stand to face block if I called it right on the turns to do so.

    I enjoyed Goro's playstyle, at least what I think his style is, Jirashin is a work horse with him, and getting to play it after a block, or with Reprogramming active really makes it something my opponent has to try and block, and fills my hand back up.

    As I collect more cards I'm going to be looking to do the following
    1. Increase Draw/use some multiples
    2. Increase Damage when not using Goro's R: - I played a against a Terry that could afford to take a couple hits denying me more cards and an easier/beefier attack string.
    3. Defend better though either some sped or damage redux.

    I am possibly looking to move him into Earth, it will depend on what I get as I collect/ Trade more


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    Quote Originally Posted by Patorobok View Post
    Interesting.....Proto.strike v. buster....powerful forcing blocks? I found being able to.discard them out of my card pool was really helpful though.

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    First I would say cut reprogramming. With a 5hs all I have to do is take your 1-2 attacks or block your 1-2 attacks if you don't have more momentum which you probably won't since you just pitched one. It isn't worth running in the lower hs. I would probably play 2-3 more attacks in it's place. If you have them last ditch gamble is a must. If you can get some Coal .45 I would recommend those as well since goro tends to like skipping the enhance phase. If you can get coal and 3 more genocide you can put out some serious damage for pretty much no resource cost. I would trade out the rapid proto busters for baltic launcher**. As an alternative to genocide you could run shiranui-ryuu: kunoichi-no-mai as it will let you fill up your hand after a nice attack string.

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    Also this should be your first cut out. Arachnophobia.
    You need momentum really bad for goro to push the threat otherwise he just runs out of steam.
    Destined warrior should help with this. It is a damage redux if your opponent speed pumps and it can generate momentum for you on your opponents turn by adding your attacks to card pool (your goro you faceblock stuff.)

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    Another -2 damage card would be elegant kunoichi. It could come in handy on the offensive as well.

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    Iori's orochi blood again another -2dmg with an offensive use.

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