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Thread: Extended Ban & Errata List

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    Extended Ban & Errata List

    Hello all!

    The following is a link to the current Extended Banned/Errata list. This list will be updated as more cards become unhealthy or unfun for the UFS Extended environment.

    Please keep in mind a lot of work went into creating this list. To clarify before you read; this list was created with the mindset of having NO power level erratas. That means some cards may seem peculiar to be on this list but, with no power level erratas, there would be no other option for specific cards to thrive in a vast meta.

    Also as a side note, for the U.K. Extended/Circuit event the standard legal cards on this list are banned and errata'd for Extended exclusively. To find bans and erratas for standard please review the Standard Ban/Errata list.

    Without further ado:

    This list will be stickied sometime in the near future after the New Orleans PTC in the Rules Q&A section of the forums. Until then, this is considered official.

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