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Thread: Tournament Information (Ban/Errata, Set Legality, Event Management, and more)

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    Tournament Information (Ban/Errata, Set Legality, Event Management, and more)

    -- Rules, Bans and Errata --

    Useful links for your convenience:

    Comprehensive game rules:

    Rules Q+A Forum:

    Ban List for Standard and Extended:

    Errata List for all formats:

    -- Card/Set Legality --

    Card legality for a given format is determined by the watermark behind the text box (or above the character vitals) of a card. Most watermarks are associated with a card set, and will be described by the set name.

    If a printing of a card exists with a format-legal watermark, all prior printings of that card are legal for use in that format.

    Standard Format

    Standard is the most popular format and is what most official Jasco-sanctioned tournaments are played under.

    4. Standard Legal Card Sets Effective December 1, 2015

    - Red Horizon (RH01) (Set RH01 cards 1-99)
    - Tides of Vengeance (RH02) (Set RH02 cards 1-176)
    - King of Fighters XIII (KOF02) including XIII water mark promos.
    - Ruler of Time (KOF03) including RoT water mark promos.
    - NeoMax (KOF04) including M water mark promos.
    - Mega Man / Proto Man tin mini-set (MM01) including 8-Bit Mega Man head water mark promos.
    - Morrigan / Lilith tin mini-set (DS01) including Bat watermark promos.
    - Rise of the Masters (MM02) including 8-Bit Dr. Wily head water mark promos.
    - Warriors of the Night (DS02) including cloud moon water mark promos.
    - Champion card promo batch 2 (wreathed "II" symbol)
    - Blood Omen (tri-sword symbol) promotional cards. This list includes:

    Gencon Promos
    Segaki Offering

    2014 September/October Promos
    Focus Charge
    Celestial Being

    2014 November/December Promos
    Concussion Blast
    Breaking Bread
    Coal .45
    Peaceful Messenger

    2015 January/February Promos
    Valiant Assault
    Stinging Upper
    Patriot Stance

    2015 March/April/May Promos
    Sweet Nothings
    Crimson Barrage
    Psychic Upper
    Dragon Goddess

    2015 June/July/August Promos
    Summer Heat
    Presidential BBQ

    2015 September/October Promos
    Adopted Guardian
    Seeking Allies

    2015 November/December Promos
    The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
    Ether's Influence

    2016 January/February Promos
    Burning Blitz Vortex
    Spider Suplex
    Combustion Orb

    2016 March/April Promos
    Spine Sweep
    Act of Treason
    Blaze Whip

    *Jiffany Jamber* (Legal but no water mark)

    Extended Format
    Extended is a larger format than standard. All cards that are legal in Standard are legal in Extended, plus:

    5-point shruiken watermarked cards
    - Shadowar
    - Soulcalibur: Tower of Souls
    - Soulcalibur: Quest of Souls
    - Tekken
    - Red Horizon

    6-point shruiken watermarked cards
    - Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance
    - King of Fighters Promo Pack
    - Champion Cards and other various promos with the 6-point watermark

    Champ card batch 1 watermarked cards

    Legacy Format

    Legacy is a format where all UFS cards dating back to 2006 are playable. Legacy is no longer supported by Jasco Games, but tournament organizers are free to customize their own legacy tournaments with their own ban lists. The reason for discontinuing legacy is that many older cards do not function correctly with the updated rules document.

    :: The experimental character *Jiffany Jamber* is legal in all formats despite not having a watermark. Its impact will be evaluated over time, and may lead to revocation of its tournament-legal status.

    -- Tournament Management --


    For swiss-style events, we recommend using the tournament software that can be found here:

    However, use of any similar program is acceptable, so long as it uses strength of schedule as the first tiebreaker, and provides a way to denote each player's starting character for diversity purposes.

    Number of swiss rounds

    257+ players: 9 rounds
    129-256 players: 8 rounds
    65-128 players: 7 rounds
    33-64 players: 6 rounds
    17-32 players: 5 rounds
    9-16 players: 4 rounds

    Round length and end of time procedure

    Each round should be timed at 60 minutes. Matches are played as a best-of-three series of games. Once pairings for a round have been posted, allow players 3-5 minutes (depending on the size of the event and/or venue) to find their seats and shuffle.

    If time runs out before a match has finished, play proceeds until the end of the turn of whichever player went second during the current game.

    Top cut seeding and diversity

    After the swiss rounds have completed, the top 8 players in the standings (top 4 if there are 16 total players or less) proceed to untimed elimination rounds to determine the champion.

    The pairings are determined by seeds based on the final swiss standings. In each round, the top remaining seed plays against the lowest remaining seed, the second-highest plays against the second-lowest, and so on.

    If two or more players using the same starting character (including version) would be in the top cut, only the one with the most swiss points makes the cut. The others are replaced by the next-highest finishing player(s). (i.e. the 9th place, 10th place, etc. players) This rule is called "diversity".

    Diversity tiebreaker

    Should two such players have the same number of swiss points, the player that gets "diversified" is decided by a head-to-head tiebreaker instead of the normal swiss tiebreaker(s).

    If the players played against each other during swiss rounds and had a result*, the loser of that match gets dropped from the top cut. Otherwise, the players play an untimed match to settle the tie before proceeding to the elimination rounds.

    Should there be three or more such tied players, use swiss tiebreakers to drop all but the top two of them.

    *The tournament organizer has the right to declare a swiss match untimed, if it is between two players using the same starting character and the TO estimates the odds of a tiebreaker situation to be high. In such a case, they must declare this to the players involved before the match begins.

    Reporting results

    The players that made the top cut, the characters they were using, and the results of the elimination rounds (including the champion) must be posted on the official forums* within 48 hours of the event's completion. Decklists for these players must be posted on the official forums within a week of the event's completion.

    Failure to do either of these things will result in invalidation of the event and any prizes awarded. It will also greatly reduce the chances of that organizer or venue being allowed to run future major events.

    *It is strongly preferred (although not strictly required) to make a separate thread for posting results, in the Tournament Reports section. This makes them far easier to locate and reference in the future. Decklists should of course go in the Deck Building section.

    -- Tournament scheduling and prizing --

    Requesting approval for PTCs

    If you wish to hold a PTC in the next calendar year, please notify by September 1st. Provide any useful information you can, i.e. preferred months, venue information, local playgroup size, and so on.

    Requesting a PTC does not guarantee that you will be given one. The next year's schedule will be arranged by Jasco once the submission deadline has passed, and will be announced sometime in the fall.

    PTC costs

    PTC kits must be paid for by the organizer at least 1 month in advance of the event. It will be delivered to the organizer or venue at a date closer to the event, with sufficient prize support to cover the estimated number of players. Pre-registration count is a major part of creating this estimate, so encourage your attendees to do so.

    The entry fee for a PTC event should be set to $25 at the door. This means that roughly 20 participants are needed to cover the cost of the kit. If you do not think you will be able to get 20-30 players easily, do not request a PTC.

    PTC prizing

    For North American events, the grand prize is a voucher* that can be redeemed to have Jasco Games cover airfare to fly to a UFS event of choice. This voucher may be used for someone other than the event winner if desired. Product and promos will be included in the kit to be distributed amongst the participants depending on their placement.

    *(For PTCs outside of North America, please contact shane(at) to work out alternative arrangements, as the cost of cross-continent airfare is substantially higher.)

    National and World Championships

    National and World events are organized directly by Jasco Games. If you wish to hold a Nationals-level event(s) for another country, contact shane(at) or jason(at)

    The grand prize for a National or World event is The Coolest Prize in Gaming, which allows the player to help design a tournament-legal promotional card in their likeness. As with PTCs, product and promos will also be included and distributed amongst participants.

    In order for The Coolest Prize in Gaming to be awarded at a non-US Nationals event, that event must have at least 32 participants for standard singles, and 24 participants for other formats. Jasco Games may, at their discretion, waive or modify this requirement in advance of the event.

    1st Place Prize for National/World Championships

    There are three different kinds of tournaments which offer champion promotional cards for 1st place.

    Standard Singles - Character Card
    Standard Teams - Asset Card
    Extended Singles - Action Card

    The Champion Card process can be found here:

    Each champion will receive 500 copies of their champion card and be given 3-month exclusivity. Their card will be made available to the public once those 3 months have passed.
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