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First off, thanks for taking the time to put together these image packs. UFS is a game that I have long been interested in, but never really been able to find people in my area that it will catch on with. Here's hoping that I can find some people on OCTGN to play with.

That said, it seems there is an issue with the Standard image pack. I've downloaded it twice and both times it fails to install, saying that the .o8c is invalid or broken. So far that one is the only one I've had a problem with, but I'm still in the process of downloading and installing the whole collection.

Any input on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated and thanks again for your work in putting the packs together.
Thanks for the heads-up! As for fixing the issue, you did the right thing: report it to us and download the image packs individually in the meantime.

I've fixed the issue with the Standard bulk image pack (and the offending party Champ Promos IV image pack) and they're uploading now; they should be ready to download in a couple of minutes.

BTW, sorry for the delayed reply; between this message being posted in the middle of Worlds and the forums being a ghost town, I haven't spotted this message until now. :S If you want a more prompt reply, I suggest dropping a message on the UFS Community NA Facebook page as I get notifications on all posts there. While you're there, you can prompt someone to give you a Discord invite where you can better chat with others in real-time; it's great for finding people who are free for pick-up games!