Unrotation: (noun) the act of returning rotated cards to the current format.

Exstandard: (noun) an interesting new format, bigger than standard but not quite extended.

We've had a week to take in the state of the game and it's pretty game changing announcement of the return of Red Horizon and Tides Of Vengeance to the standard format, albeit with a few minor (read major and much needed bannings) alterations. Annoyingly for me, almost to the minute I might add, I'd just finished sleeving up a cool new chaos Skull Man deck when I got a frantic message from Doji-Mike telling me to go read the SOTG and discover that the angry teapot had gone the way of Huitzil and other naughty robots. What followed was a barrage of texts between us along the lines of "....is back, oh god that's back too! And that and those as well!" You get the idea.

I ran a tournament on Friday night and it was interesting to see what tricks people had taken from the return of the red, I've seen Quick Man gain the ability to play an entire game without a single enhance being played on either side of the board. The unpleasant, bone crunching return of the commander in chief of kicking your teeth in, Vincent Grey. And the discovery that Flash Lightning is a nice addition to my 30 attack B.B.Hood fire weenie deck

Alas, with work and other commitments I've not had chance to sit down and build something properly for this brave new world we find ourselves in but I hopefully will on the morrow. Until then I thought I'd share with you a few of the cool tricks I've come up with in the hope that they will get your creative juices flowing.

If you're wanting a serious analysis of what cards will change the format then I'd look elsewhere, there are some wonderfully in depth articles about it that are well worth your time, this is me rambling on in my own strange little way.

(1) evil difficulty reduction/check boosts.
Sign In Blood is back, combined with A Big Job, Reprogramming and cards like Soul Thresher it's now easier than ever to actually play attacks like Hyper Chain Drive on a reasonable difficulty or get even more mileage out of Mature.

(2) stun,stun and more stun.
In case you'd repressed the memory of its unpleasantness, Chasm Buster is back to smash your face in some more combined with the fact it starts at 4 damage and chains 2 symbols with Robot Masters, I foresee lots and lots of stunning going on.

(3) Ryu never fails a check again.
I'm hoping someone wins worlds with this as I suspect this is as broken as it seems. You play an attack, use Ryu's E to put Pick On Someone Your Own Size! On the top of your deck, play another attack checking a 5, POSYOS! Goes back to your hand for another go and voila, an aggro deck that checks 5s as long as it wants.

(4) (un)balanced fighter looping.
We all know that Balanced Fighter is strong, free card draw always is, but how can we get the most uses out of it I wonder? I've tried Snowboarding Enthusiast as a means of recurring it which was okay until I remembered Friends In High Places ability to grab back a card when you discard them as a cost and hey presto, a very silly build of Bomb Man popped into my head that may not be consistent but I'm sure will definitely be fun to play

(5) throws, throws and throws oh my!
All the good throws are back in standard as well. Lunar catapult is just cheap and nasty and I'm sure Iori will be happy to have it back. Death Valley Face Plant is a great addition to any order stun decks out there and Spinning Necro Driver will be popping up everywhere to blow up your assets. Annoyingly (or not as the case may be) Protect Your Master has joined the banned list so you'll just have to stick with the usual suspects to deal with this onslaught of suplexes and powerbombs.

(6) burn baby burn!
Alice is back and with her comes the burn. As the meta settles a little I think she'll find a nice little niche as an evil or death control deck but until then we'll just have to settle for Surprise Punishment backed up by the Dragon Of Kyokugenryu and The Hunt For Spiders And Dragons.

(7) control.
Some people believe that control in the current format is a myth, a shadowy rumour spoken only in darkened halls between the half crazed and the terminally unhinged. I on the other hand think that control is quite possible again. Void has regained its speed reduction tricks and most importantly, it got Perfect Accuracy back which is easily one of the most format defining cards currently in the meta.

(8) enhance steps are for chumps.
Satoshi is back to make sure you never get to use that Ever Hopeful and he's bringing Tenbatsu with him, as well as learning to be a Brilliant Tactician from Miska to prevent even more enhance steps ever happening. Not to mention more flash related shenanigans for Quick Man to abuse.

(9) New horizons
the Indines characters got spoiled today and beyond the fact that Cadenza is bat crap crazy broken, I think the set will make a great addition to the format and I look forward to seeing the rest of the set as well.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, if you're interested in more of the strangeness that escapes my mind then have a look at the Bomb Man deck I've just posted in the deck building forum