Fun part of this set is that it is open copyright. So no need to get permission or pay people for rights.

Since it doesn't make sense for various street brawlers to kill God's I feel it should stick to avatars and various monsters of the lovecraftian mythos.

The Black Goat
All Chaos Earth
If this is your starting character, your deck may contain any number of cards named A Thousand Young.
E: Your attack gains +1 speed and +1 damage for each card preceeding it with the same name in the card pool.

A Thousand Young (foundation card)
1/5 +3mid block
All Chaos Earth
F, destroy: Add a card named A Thousand Young from your discard to your hand.

A Thousand Young (attack card)
3/3 +3 mid block
3mid / 3 dmg
All Chaos Earth
E: if this attack deals damage reveal the top card of your deck if it named A Thousand Young add it to your hand.

A Thousand Young is two different cards with the same name. And while each is mediocre in most deck, only being able to have 4 copies total. The Black Goat can abuse them into some silliness.

I might look into giving one of the A Thousand Young a dot or two so non goat characters can run 4 and 4.