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Thread: February 2016 State of the Game

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    Exclamation February 2016 State of the Game


    Merry February UFS fans,
    It’s Jason again, here with another SotG. We have crowned Garett Brett as World Champion of UFS singles for 2016 playing Jiffany Jamber (with Felicia side-tricks), and Kevin Broberg, Devon Bernier and Matthew Turner as our Teams World Champions as Team “Rochester CCG Presents: Canadian Heel Turn”. I’d like to start off by saying congratulations to you and we thank all of our worlds attendees for helping us achieve our largest UFS event under the Jasco Games Banner!


    What’s next for UFS?

    We are currently sitting within yet another Chinese New Year. Despite how much I like holidays, this particular holiday has always been a bit of a thorn in our side. That being said, we have come to a solution that will keep production moving forward and will provide what we hope to be an extremely fast turnaround for the next set “World of Indines”. Our United States printer has ordered the special French core paper that UFS is printed on and has also received a new die cutter to produce UFS sized cards. For clarity, this is NOT Drivethrucards and will be a full production run. The typical turnaround time for our new printer is 6-8 weeks before shipping so this will help meet deadlines on smaller print runs and will also help us re-print sets as soon as they are selling out. They have samples from our existing cards for color match and we will be expediting production. Our hope is to have product late April for this set, and while it is being produced we will be producing the other larger sets in China. I would like to stress that we do NOT have a release date yet, but we will provide one as soon as it is made available to us.


    Other UFS Sets

    Along with World of Indines we are producing Mega Man: Battle for Power, Red Horizon: Blood Omen, and reprinting Mega Man: Rise of the Masters booster and starter displays as well as Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night Boosters. These are on hold until the Chinese New Year is over and will then continue production. After these sets will be Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Cowboy Bebop. These are currently in design and/or play test.


    UFS 10

    2016 marks the 10th anniversary for The Universal Fighting System CCG! To ring in this incredible benchmark, we have brought in outstanding new licenses, and we are now moving efforts to an intensive marketing plan. We will be sending out promotional materials and literature to spread the good news and we are in the works with a partner to produce UFS posters, banners, apparel, window stickers, and other goodies. Stay tuned for more surprises and thank you all for making this possible and bringing UFS back to the forefront where it belongs.


    UFS Player of the Year

    At Worlds this year in Las Vegas, we announced a new program called “Player of the Year”. You can see at the link below, where you and your compatriots stand in the tournament scene. Every sanctioned PTC, Turbo, 2K, Circuit, Nationals and Worlds event will be tracked here until our next Worlds event. The winner of this prize will receive a completely foiled deck in their honor as well as other prizes.

    Click below to access POTY rankings:
    UFS Player of the Year Rankings


    US Nationals

    Jasco Games will be exhibiting at GenCon in Indianapolis this year as usual, and we have already applied for our events for Nationals to go through the Gencon approvals. That having been said, we are strongly considering moving US Nationals to another venue, as the cost to our players is becoming extremely high for this event. General admission 4-day tickets are now $120 per person. When you add in $14 for singles and $10 per person for Teams, and then an average of $180-$220 a night for hotel, travel, food and then entertainment money, our players are looking at spending anywhere from $500 (very low end) to $1,000 to play in an event that keeps them from enjoying the show. We would like to take a vote on this thread as to whether or not we should continue to hold high level events at Gencon, or if we should move the US nationals to a more affordable location. Please share your opinion, because each player that elects not to attend the event has a very valid point in this decision and will help us decide what our move should be. Jasco Games will continue to exhibit at the show and will also consider smaller events if we move the venue, but we are unsure if this is event is the best option for our players.



    We will be starting the Turbo season soon and making an announcement when it begins. Players that have already won a qualifier will be invited to the main event, and may also compete in other events to attempt to keep other players from taking qualifier spots in the main event. The Turbo season will be one year long from the commencement date and will have special rules and prizes listed with the launch of the season. Please stay tuned and we look forward to giving out the Turbo car to our first champion!


    Ban List (No New Bans)

    Although there are some cards that are powerful in the current meta, we do not feel that there is a card currently that is causing a major problem for the game. We also have cards coming out very soon with World of Indines that we feel will heavily change the meta in a very positive light. After the newer cards hit the card pool, we will take a look at individual cards and analyze whether or not they are problematic for the game.

    Standard Banned List

    -Red Horizon (RH01)-
    No Equal
    Harnessing Chaos
    Blazing Storm
    Piercing Howl
    Protect Your Master
    Directing an Empire

    -Tides of Vengeance (RH02)-
    Divine Tribulation
    Final Judgment
    Paid to Protect
    Dual Persona
    Paralyzing Touch
    Left for Dead
    Ballistic Snap Kick
    Fortress Frame
    Law of the Land
    Deadly Precision

    -Ruler of Time (KOF03)-
    Mourning the Lost

    -NeoMax (KOF04)-

    -Darkstalkers Tins (DS01)-

    -Mega Man: Rise of the Masters (MM02)-
    *Gemini Man*
    Master of Magnetism
    *Skull Man*

    -World of Indines (IN01)-
    A World Lost to Time


    There is a very large number of minor rules-induced errata; for details on those and the handful of more power level-induced errata, see this thread.


    4. Standard Legal Card Sets Effective December 1, 2015

    - Red Horizon (RH01) (Set RH01 cards 1-99)
    - Tides of Vengeance (RH02) (Set RH02 cards 1-176)
    - King of Fighters XIII (KOF02) including XIII water mark promos.
    - Ruler of Time (KOF03) including RoT water mark promos.
    - NeoMax (KOF04) including M water mark promos.
    - Mega Man / Proto Man tin mini-set (MM01) including 8-Bit Mega Man head water mark promos.
    - Morrigan / Lilith tin mini-set (DS01) including Bat watermark promos.
    - Rise of the Masters (MM02) including 8-Bit Dr. Wily head water mark promos.
    - Warriors of the Night (DS02) including cloud moon water mark promos.
    - Champion card promo batch 2 (wreathed "II" symbol)
    - Blood Omen (tri-sword symbol) promotional cards. This list includes:

    Gencon Promos
    Segaki Offering

    2014 September/October Promos
    Focus Charge
    Celestial Being

    2014 November/December Promos
    Concussion Blast
    Breaking Bread
    Coal .45
    Peaceful Messenger

    2015 January/February Promos
    Valiant Assault
    Stinging Upper
    Patriot Stance

    2015 March/April/May Promos
    Sweet Nothings
    Crimson Barrage
    Psychic Upper
    Dragon Goddess

    2015 June/July/August Promos
    Summer Heat
    Presidential BBQ

    2015 September/October Promos
    Adopted Guardian
    Seeking Allies

    2015 November/December Promos
    The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
    Ether's Influence

    2016 January/February Promos
    Burning Blitz Vortex
    Spider Suplex
    Combustion Orb

    2016 March/April Promos
    Spine Sweep
    Act of Treason
    Blaze Whip

    *Jiffany Jamber* (Legal but no water mark)

    5. Upcoming Pro Tour Circuit Events

    Below is a list of all Jasco Games sanctioned PTC events. These will be added to the Jasco Games Event page with more details.
    Due to the quantity of PTC events in the 2016 schedule, we have discontinued pre-registration through our online shop. Standard PTC entry fee should be set at $25 per entry, but the ultimate price will be determined by the venue (they may offer pre-registration prices if they wish).

    - Thunder Bay, Ontario
    - Feb 27/28
    - The Gameshelf

    - Poughkeepsie, NY
    - March 12/13
    - Dragon's Den

    - Little Rock, AR
    - March 19/20
    - Imagine Games

    - Las Vegas, NV
    - April 9/10
    - A Gamer's Paradise

    - Omaha, NE
    - April 30/May 1
    - Mythic Affinity

    - Las Vegas 2K
    - May 14/15
    - Level Up Convention
    NOTE: This is a RochesterCCG sponsored event, not a Jasco sanctioned event.

    - Winnipeg, Manitoba
    - May 21/22
    - A Muse N Games

    - Rochester, NY
    - June 4/5
    - Millennium Games and Hobbies

    - Redding, CA
    - June 25/26
    - Matrix Comics & Games

    - Atlanta, GA
    - July 9/10
    - The Raven's Nest

    - Amsterdam, NY
    - August 27/28
    - Professor Bonds Emporium

    - Abilene, TX
    - Sep 10/11
    - Rick's Collectibles

    - Warren, MI
    - Sep 24/25
    - Eternal Games

    - Santa Clara, CA
    - Oct 8/9
    - Game Kastle

    - New Orleans, LA
    - Oct 29/30
    - Go 4 Games

    - Rockford, IL
    - Nov 5/6
    - Top Cut Comics

    - Poughkeepsie, NY
    - Nov 19/20
    - Champion Card Collector

    - Riverside, CA
    - Dec 3/4
    - GMI Games

    Useful links for your convenience

    Comprehensive game rules:

    Rules Q+A Forum:

    Ban List for Standard and Extended:

    Errata List for all formats:

    Tournament Information Thread:
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    I can now agree that I really need a lot more wow after waiting so long for this.
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    How is knowing we will now have a US printer for full runs not exciting. Better deadline meeting. Better fixing when prints run out.

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    We are actually really confused why this SotG was so heavily requested. We had one under 2 months ago. I had very little time to post this as I have been working on production for UFS.

    I apologize for the delay!

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    Late April? Wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JascoGames View Post
    We are actually really confused why this SotG was so heavily requested. We had one under 2 months ago. I had very little time to post this as I have been working on production for UFS.

    I apologize for the delay!
    I COMPLETELY AGREE, but I think the major clamor came from people wanting information about the release schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnrot View Post
    How is knowing we will now have a US printer for full runs not exciting. Better deadline meeting. Better fixing when prints run out.
    Because people want what every other card game has. Scheduled releases, more events, real rotation(not resurrecting from the dead) etc.
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    I honestly think Vegas would be a good place to hold National and Worlds. Just because ease of price, hotel, and getting around isn't bad either. Plus people can tie it into an actual trip for friends/family too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottGaines View Post
    Because people want what every other card game has. Scheduled releases, more events, real rotation(not resurrecting from the dead) etc.
    Except the best way to get that is to get a stable printer to work with. One who can get you the sets quick enough when needed.

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    I would love to have worlds and Nats in Vegas because I live there. I think I might be good to look at somewhere in the east coast for Nats , such as New York , so people aren't angry about always have to travel to the west coast for the big events. I don't like Nats in gen con because we are paying gen con prices to not even participate in the convention
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    2016 Las Vegas PTC 7th Place - (Snake Man Chaos)
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