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Thread: 2016 Santa Clara/Bay Area PTC @ Game Kastle - October 8th/9th

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    2016 Santa Clara/Bay Area PTC @ Game Kastle - October 8th/9th

    Come on down for the Bay Area PTC at Game Kastle in Santa Clara on October 8th and 9th.

    1350 Coleman Ave.
    Santa Clara, CA 95050


    Entry fee will be $25 paid to the store.

    Registration will open up at Noon, and Round 1 will start as close to 1:00 as possible. Participation prizes will only be guaranteed for the first 24 registrants, so make sure you arrive on time to be able to register early. Have your Deck Lists ready at the time of registration.

    After the Top 8 announcement, depending on both the time and how they feel, we may do the first round of Top 8 on Saturday night. If not, all of Top 8 will take place on Sunday.


    The Top 8 Rounds will be played as normal, untimed, until we have our winner. The first untimed round will start by Noon to give our top finishers a chance to prepare themselves.

    Shortly after starting the Top 8 rounds, a side event will start for a bonus prize that will be revealed closer to the event.

    Side Event - Turbo Flights:

    Entry for each flight will be $5 paid to me.

    There will be up to three double elimination Turbo flights with a maximum of 8 players per flight throughout Sunday. The first flight's signups will start around 1 PM, and the flight will begin shortly after 8 players have entered. You may enter as many of the flights as you wish with one exception. Flight Champions may not enter more flights.

    You may use a different Turbo Deck for each flight, but there is one additional rule for all of these flights: You can not use the same character you used for the PTC. So, if you used Mega Man as your Starting Character for the PTC, you may not use any version of Mega Man as your Character for Turbo.

    The champions of each flight, and the PTC's runner up will advance to the final Turbo Playoffs for the bonus prize. The final playoffs will be single elimination. You must also use the Turbo Deck you used to win your flight in the playoffs.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I just want everyone to have as good a time as possible, and hope to have this PTC run as smoothly as I possibly can.

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    Looking forward to participating in this event!
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    Small update time. The bonus prize for the Turbo Side Event has been acquired. I will reveal what the prize is later this week.

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    Later than I wanted to do this, but here's the bonus prize for next Sunday's Turbo side event at the Santa Clara PTC. See you there.

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    This event snuck up on me going to need some cards to play what I want anyone want to trade or loan me the following at this event
    x4 assassination attempt
    x2 skull barrier
    x4 fighting as one
    x1 the golden ticket
    x2 kyo's jacket
    x3 intelligent and shrewd
    Looking for a Nats team

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    Will anyone be putting this event on YouTube like the Michigan PTC?
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    Trade Thread-

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilik850 View Post
    Will anyone be putting this event on YouTube like the Michigan PTC?
    I sure hope so. To anyone attending, I have a modicum of experience with setting up streams and would be happy to help in any way I can. You pretty much just need a webcam and a laptop, even the internet connection is optional.

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    I know it's late notice, but breakfast tomorrow morning at Mission City Grill at 9 AM.

    They don't seat groups until everyone is there, so try to get there as close to 9 as you can. Here's the address. If you can't make it though, that's alright. See you in the morning.

    2000 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050

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    Any type of streaming or updates?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brodiewan View Post
    Any type of streaming or updates?
    Update in that it hasn't started yet? It starts at 1 PM (3 PM Central).

    As for streaming, I'll have my fingers crossed.

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