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Thread: 2016 Santa Clara/Bay Area PTC @ Game Kastle - October 8th/9th

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    Players and Characters:

    Andrew Dimal - Lilith
    Anthony Doupe - Cut Man
    Danny Mosley - Napalm Man
    David Nguyen - Hsien-Ko
    Iari Melchor - Turbo Man
    Jeremy Johnston - Mature
    Malachi Wilson - Mega Man**
    Nicholas Ragan - Yamato Man
    Preston Brockway - Bishamon
    Ryan Pham - Ryu
    Ryan McClain- Kyo*
    Scott Sundman - Kyo*
    Spiro Pettas - Crash Man
    Timothy Friedlieb - Kim
    William Bowers - Duo

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    Standings after Round 2: (Sorry I didn't get around to Post Round 1 Standings)

    Player: W-L-D

    David Nguyen 2-0-0
    Danny Mosley 2-0-0
    Ryan Pham 2-0-0
    Iari Melchor 2-0-0
    Nicholas Ragan 1-1-0
    Timothy Friedlieb 1-1-0
    William Bowers 1-1-0
    Jeremy Johnston 1-1-0
    Anthony Doupe 1-1-0
    Preston Brockway 1-1-0
    Malachi Wilson 1-1-0
    Scott Sundman 1-1-0
    Ryan McClain 0-2-0
    Spiro Pettas 0-2-0
    Andrew Dimal 0-2-0
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nubian God View Post
    Update in that it hasn't started yet? It starts at 1 PM (3 PM Central).

    As for streaming, I'll have my fingers crossed.
    No streaming, but each round has a featured match up that's being recorded and will be uploaded to a YouTube page in the near future!

    Disappointed we didn't make the 20 player participation requirement, but super hyped at the caliber of plays being made here by all who have attended!

    Stay tuned for top 4 cuts later today!
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    I'm rooting for the newbie to win it all. Go Pham Go!
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    Diversity in a nutshell: The only character with a risk is Kyo1. Can't wait to see the matches though!

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    Standings after Round 3:

    Player: W-L-D

    Danny Mosley 3-0-0
    David Nguyen 3-0-0
    Iari Melchor 2-1-0
    Ryan Pham 2-1-0
    Timothy Friedlieb 2-1-0
    Nicholas Ragan 2-1-0
    Jeremy Johnston 2-1-0
    Anthony Doupe 1-1-1
    Scott Sundman 1-1-1
    William Bowers 1-2-0
    Preston Brockway 1-2-0
    Malachi Wilson 1-2-0
    Ryan McClain 1-2-0
    Spiro Pettas 1-2-0
    Andrew Dimal 0-3-0

    And we'll actually be doing Top 8 instead of just Top 4 despite the turnout. Much to the joy of the players.

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    Final Standings:

    Danny Mosley 4-0-0
    Iari Melchor 3-1-0
    David Nguyen 3-1-0
    Timothy Friedlieb 3-1-0
    Nicholas Ragan 3-1-0
    Scott Sundman 2-1-1
    Ryan Pham 2-2-0
    Jeremy Johnston 2-2-0
    Anthony Doupe 1-2-1
    Preston Brockway 1-2-1
    Malachi Wilson 1-2-1
    Ryan McClain 1-2-1
    Spiro Pettas 1-2-1
    William Bowers 1-3-0
    Andrew Dimal 1-3-0

    Top 8:

    Danny Mosley vs Jeremy Johnston

    Timothy Friedlieb vs Nicholas Ragan

    Iari Melchor vs Ryan Pham

    David Nguyen vs Scott Sundman

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    Who's YouTube channel will the matches be on?
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    Iari and Ryan have already played their Top 8 Match. Iari moves on to Top 4.

    The other matches will be held tomorrow. Everyone else was tired/needed a break/needed to go.

    Also, the following items were left at Game Kastle. I will leave them behind the counter for tonight and they can be picked up tomorrow during Top 8 and the Turbo Side Event.

    Top 8 should arrive by 11:30 so we can get the Top Cuts matches done in a timely manner.

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    You like that? you like that kyo dic boi? I'm back in Placerville after 3.5 hours of sleep about to go to my nightshift job again which I can regularly get off 4 hours in, Like I did the night before to start my 20.5 hour day, all ready to drive the 3 hours to the bay again like I did for 6 to and from the bay yesterday. Working nightshift for over a year has prepared me for this. You hear me suckas? Kyo's comin for ya dic and sleep deprivation isn't going to stop me but some dumb Kim or Napalm stuff probably will so gonna kill dat hsien ko and then probably take some brutal beatdowns from Kim/napalm but if I don't then you will know that I am the Kyo jesus come here to save you from your disgusting format of Kim/Napalm/Nehtali placing top 2 every tournament
    Looking for a Nats team

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