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Thread: Pittsburgh Round 2

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    Pittsburgh Round 2

    Ok, so based on the very very old dates on the Pittsburgh and OH/WV/PA posts, I'll start something fresh

    Looking for players in the Pittsburgh area, South Hills would be an awesome plus.

    I do most of my gaming at Drawbridge Games in Castle Shannon.

    I have about 10 pre-constructed decks from all kinds of generations that we can roll with, to get the game started, and if there proved to be a meta forming, pretty sure that getting cards in the store would not be much of a problem.

    Mega Man, Street Fighter, Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, lots of good stuff.

    So if you are up for some battling, let me know!

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    Anyone Around?

    I just got into the game, and would love to get into tournaments, or at least find a play group in the area.

    Are there any active groups in the PGH area??

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