Two Pack Draft is a format that is cheap, requires no Character cards, and removes the edge some players might have due to their collection. A fast, low barrier of entry format for our first draft!

Two Pack Draft Rules:
Each player receives two packs, opens them, and shuffles them together without looking at the cards. The player takes the top card and places it face down as the Character card. The player has three options in regards to their "Character":
· 3 Hand Size/12 Vitality
· 4 Hand Size /10 Vitality
· 5 Hand Size /8 Vitality

You may change your “Character” card between matches. Each character is considered to have no text. There are no restrictions in regards to resources (restrictions or chaining), all abilities are playable. When the deck is out of cards, you may reshuffle your discard pile into your deck at no penalty. The tournament style will be Swiss. First place winner wins 1x Burning Blitz Vortex and 1x Booster Pack for every 4 players participating, minimum 1. Second and Third Place will win 1x booster pack a piece.

When: Sunday, October 23rd, 1 P.M. to 3 P.M.

Where: Empire Central 2047 W Main St Ste G, League City, Texas 77573

Cost: $10 to be paid to Empire Central

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