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Thread: 2016 Poughkeepsie PTC

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    Exclamation 2016 Poughkeepsie PTC

    Facebook event page:

    There's plenty more hype to be revealed, various evolving details to go over, and at least some logistics to address, but for the time being, here's the initial post about the event I put up in the Poughkeepsie UFS group -- and Jesse shared to many of the other UFS Facebook communities -- around a week ago:

    Alright, this is the Poughkeepsie PTC (November 19th and 20th, at the much loved Champion Card Collector) public hype train officially leaving the station.

    ... There are still at least a few details to finish hammering out and some logistics and such to tend to -- and at this point, I think most, if not all, of you have at least a decent idea of what, in general, to expect from a UFS PTC these days -- so this post is just going to cover some of the special announcements and some of the information that's more specific to this particular event. ...

    Anway, without further ado, but in no particular order:

    * Pre-registration will be available via Champion's site shortly. ... Anyone who pre-registers will get free soda(s) the 19th, and as long there are at least 20 entrants by the start of the event, they'll also get free pizza, too. ... Those that don't pre-register will still be able to get in on the soda and pizza for a nominal fee: likely ~ $5.

    * There will be some sort of "entry bonus" that everyone will receive upon deck registration. ... Right now, it looks like it'll be your choice of either a Scorpion or Jiffany Jamber character card; if Jasco, Champion, and I are able to lineup something even better, though, you'll still get your pick of those characters as part of your participation support.

    * As long as there are at least 20 entrants -- and this is a *big one* folks, so pay attention -- all sealed product handed out as part of the event will be *Blood Omen* boxes/packs. ... Yes, a *full Blood Omen kit* even though the pre-release won't be until sometime in December. ... Now, as most of you know, I always give people options, so if we have over 20 attendees and you, for whatever reason, would prefer not to get advanced product (no judgement), you can swap it for an equal amount of any other (Standard) sealed UFS product from any set other than Neo Max or Darkstalkers. (I should have more than enough sealed product on-hand.)

    * Jasco is -- and this should be another significant piece of hype, folks -- rushing a special print run of the upcoming organized play promos that recently made a brief appearance at Nationals, and they should be part of *both* the participation and top cut support.

    * I'll, as always, be doing my "pick your own participation" support -- in addition to any and all other participation support -- where you get to choose any organized play promo from when the new OP support started to the most recent OP support cards released for each round of Swiss you participated in: 1 top-8 promo of your choice for rounds 1-4 and 1 top-2 promo for rounds 5+. (I already have a healthy supply of all the OP promos on-hand, but I'll be working with Shane over the next few days to ensure I shore up the supply of anything I'm low on.)

    * There should be at least one additional piece of participation support beyond what I've already mentioned in the bullet points about the "entry bonus" and my special, extra, "pick your own participation" support -- and if we hit at least 30 entrants or more, it will be a *sealed Darkstalkers booster* for *every participant* from a freshly opened box out of my personal supply. ... What? That's not hype enough for you? Well, okay if you guys and gals manage to rally hard enough to get us 40 or more entrants, instead of the Darkstalkers booster, EVERYONE GETS A SEALED NEO MAX PACK from a freshly opened box (also from my personal supply).

    * In addition to whatever "door prize" Champion may do (they usually do a longest traveled or something of that nature), I'll be doing a raffle for at least one or two other "door prizes" -- and if we've at least 35 entrants, one of those door prizes will be, listen up collectors, my last remaining, personal, *sealed Tides of Vengeance booster box.*

    * Enough about participation and such, and more about prizes? Okay, well, in addition to all the sealed product, top-8 should, at the least, also be receiving random Darkstalkers or Battle for Power rares or ultra rares -- and no characters unless you'd like to swap for one: we wouldn't do you like that. ... Hmm. ...What else? What else? ... Well, the travel voucher at 20+ participants is, of course, still a thing -- and I've already mentioned the *entirely Blood Omen* sealed support at 20+ -- but I sense at least some of you are still hungry for more, so at 30+ entrants, I'll start swapping *sealed Neo Max* and random *Neo Max rares* (no characters or banned cards unless you want to swap for them) into the prize support.

    * There will be yet-to-be-determined diversity support, and I'll do my very best to keep you all apprised of the specifics.

    ... There's more, but I'm traveling, my fingers hurt, and that should, hopefully, at least wet everyone's appetites.

    P.S. As I said, I'm traveling, so please share this anywhere and everywhere you think it even remotely make sense to. <3

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    That is some GODLIKE support!
    "Hail to the King, Baby"

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    Very! Makes me wish I could travel for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shivanwurm View Post
    Very! Makes me wish I could travel for this.

    Just do it!
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    ... Finalized prize support details have been released; please see my most recent post under the Facebook event's discussion tab. ... To pre-register, please contact Stephen Lancevich (, co-owner of Champion (, via the phone, Facebook Messenger, or email, and he'll facilitate your pre-registration. ... Registration is the PTC standard $25 -- but for details on our special benefit(s) for pre-registering, please see the event's about tab.

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