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Thread: Grimm character idea

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    Grimm character idea

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    At the beginning of your combat phase add the top three cards of your deck to your staging area face down as foundations.
    Any cards added to your discard pile during the end step are removed from the game instead.
    F: Add a face down card in your staging area to your card pool face up you must attempt to play that card.
    R: Before the block step of your opponents attack, add face down card card in staging area with a block to your card pool. You must attempt to block this attack with the added card.

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    Bro, free foundations had to have the good symbol... But also when your opponent plays anything that commits your character you just die. Kuuga, Stop, etc. Murder this character so hard.

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    Point taken about the committal. Probably just make the blocking ability usable while committed. More so than free foundations your suplimenting hand size for face down foundations.

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