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Thread: How To Edit a Post (A Picture Guide)

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    How To Edit a Post (A Picture Guide)

    As I'm getting tired of seeing posts go unedited and I had the last 5 minutes free at work today and the knowledge that some others seem to be lacking around here I made this and it'd be nice if we can get an admin to perhaps sticky this...

    Step 1:
    Find the post you want to edit and click the Edit Post button...

    Step 2:
    The page will alter the way it looks a bit to turn your post into a text box which allows you to make changes on this page. Ignore this whole thing as you will not be able to save any changes you make here! Click the Edit Post button a second time...

    Step 3:
    The page will now completely reload and take you to a new page which looks like the "Go Advanced" posting page. You can now make changes to your post here and when you are done simply click the Save Changes button and your edits will actually be put in place.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this method. Though I know little bit about how to edit post.

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