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Thread: The Fighting Games You Play and UFS

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    I used to play SSBB competitively back in the day. Learned the game on Snake and swapped to ROB later. Beyond that, I play Blazblue, MvC3 / UMvC3, Melty Blood, Them's Fightin' Herds, Rivals of Aether, and Brawlhalla.

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    Pretty much the most well recognized Capcom and SNK made ones like Street Fighter games, King Of Fighters game, and the crossover series like Capcom vs SNK (all of them, original first one, CvS Pro, CvS 2, SNK vs Capcom (both Match Of The Millenium and SNK vs. Capcom Chaos). I also played and like the original 3 Mortal Kombat arcade games and MK Trilogy.

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