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Thread: Miska** - air

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    Miska** - air

    Miska - Air
    ··Miska·· x1

    Spirit of the Wolf x4
    Strength in Numbers x2
    Mine Trigger x4
    Iron Will x4
    Ready to Pounce x1
    Artifice Avarice x4
    Push the Limit x4
    Agile x4
    Stronger Than All x2
    Ophidiophobia x4
    Always on the Move x2
    88 M.P.H. x2

    Bear's Bite x4
    Silver Fang Salvo x2
    Support Fire x4
    Wolfbane x2
    Concussion Blast x2
    Knee-Capper x4

    Southern Cross Hall x2

    Templar x3
    Dodge! x1


    Any comments or advice is welcome!

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    This looks like a pretty solid baseline Flash deck.

    I'm curious about why only 2 Strength in Numbers - which has just consistently impressed me - and 4 Agile - since you're a 6hs with no particular draw abilities, it seems to me you'd be better served with a foundation with a better ability, since your eighth 0diff isn't adding that much consistency

    I know one thing that threw me off playing a deck sorta like this one was a lack of things to spend momentum on. I didn't find a particularly good solution, but looking again now - maybe Jurassic Jungle could be good. Sealing attacks knocks off all keyword abilities (THROW) for the rest of the turn, on top of removing all its normal abilities. Since your whole lineup has Flash, it doesn't hurt you none.

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    The decision to only play 2 copies of Strength in Numbers was because it has no block on it. I see your point about Agile and I could definitely drop it. I could go up to 3 copies of Strength in Numbers, remove 1 or 2 copies of Agile, and add Jurassic Jungle for defense.

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    Ya, SiN is becoming one of my favourite cards this set. It ends a lot of games and is more difficult to interact with than most other pump effects.

    I personally love meat and potatoes decks like these. Just doing 1-2 things really well. However, they do end up lacking when it comes to versatility. Cutting down some of the 4x's to 3s would open room up for a larger variety of effects to have access to. Which should allow your deck to adapt better to changing matchups. Just something to consider
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