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Thread: Bleach TCG cards

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    Bleach TCG cards

    Anyone here happen to have a nice collection of the Bleach TCG? Few of us who tried to get into UFS can't commit cause of support.....kind of in the middle of nowhere, so we're looking into something that's not a competitive game now, but want all the good stuff(promos, UR's, established decks and etc). I have some UFS cards from back in the day and some from 2014/15 that I'd be willing to part with. Hit me up if we can make this happen! Thanks in advance.

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    I have alot of Bleach cards even some signed by VAs (I have the redemption ichigo signed by Johnny Yong Bosch) and the Red Uryu card given to judges (only game I ever became a judge for lol) man i LOVED that game. Even have the Yoruichi deck box.

    Not selling tho, sorry lol
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