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Thread: Scorpion E vs aborted attack

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    Scorpion E vs aborted attack

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't work. But I'd like a stamp to make sure. Scorpion says

    E: If your opponent does not attempt to block your attack, your next attack this turn gets Multiple: 1.

    My question is, if i abort the attack. Does my next attack get multiple 1? I know if it's an attached fired effect, the effect should terminate when the attack changes zones. But scorpions E says "your" attack and not "this" attack. So does it created a detached fired effect instead?

    Again, I'm 99% sure the effect terminates with the attack leaving, or if the "choose to attempt to block or not" phase doesn't occur. But I'm not sure the exact rule section that states this and reading the lgr didn't quite make it clear.
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    You are correct. For "choose to attempt to block or not" to happen, there has to be a block step. If there's no block step, then the determination cannot be made.
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