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Thread: Order Guile

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    Order Guile

    So I have decided that I want to build Order Guile once SF officially drops. I have NEVER played Order before, even during Sabertooth days, so I was wondering if anyone could let me know what the Order "staples" are. the cards every Order deck needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank y'all!
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    First, don't dupe yourself into thinking you need to me mono-Charge. Just running Flash Kick and Dragon Slayer, and maybe some other 2-of, should be fine. Don't warp your deck around the foundation R, just try to be in a position to make effective use of it once or twice a game. Guile's real meat is in his E. As for "staples", I'd look at:

    Artifice Avarice

    ... and that's about it so far as cards I'd expect literally every Order deck to run in some quantity.

    Naturally, Guile is going to have some interest in Dragon of Kyokugen and Seasoned Guide, as well as Partners in Crimefighting. Prepare to Fight in a 6HS kind of wants some synergy on the E, but Guild does have that.

    There are plenty of generally-good Order foundations too, like S Class Hunter or Childhood Sweethearts, it's just that one could envision a deck that opts to use some of those slots on theme-y things.

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    Imo, stuff like Leaf Shield and Artifice Avarice are staples.

    Then stuff like Showdown, Last Man Standing, and Homemade Explosives can be pretty useful in general.
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