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Thread: How You Like Them Apples? – Design Diary & and Interesting Interactions

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    How You Like Them Apples? – Design Diary & and Interesting Interactions

    I thought this could be something a little fun and give some people a little insight into the thought process behind the card and some of the interactions I have found so far.

    Design Diary

    When I first began designing the card back in 2015 I wanted something that messed with the deck I bounced around ideas with my group and a couple of others at GenCon that year, where I was at was

    E Remove: Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck and rearrange them. You may discard 1 card to draw a card.

    At the time I thought this was cool and would be fun to play around with and interact with different cards in the format at the time. However due to changes in the Champ Design process and my lack of interest in doing anything about it, I eventually fell out of love with the card and didn’t do anything about it for the next year.

    Around comes UK Nationals 2016 where Grant wins singles and I win Teams with Baz (madeofwin) and Dave (Gnomejitsu). Now we had a Teams card, a character, Dave’s legacy foundation and my action to design, which we decided to actually get the ball rolling, we created a chat group to bounce around ideas and everyone seemed to like:

    E: Reduce this attacks speed to 0, if it is blocked draw 2 cards.

    However again I sort of fell out of love with the design and decided I wanted to design something that would work well with Grant’s character. I spent about 5 minutes coming up with ideas and settled on:

    F Discard 1 Card: Draw 2 cards.

    R [Cardpool]: After you play an attack, your opponent loses 2 vitality. Add this card to your staging area facedown.

    This is of course reminiscent of what was released, however the response was bounced back immediately due to being a little too good. We settled on: your opponent loses 1 vitality… and off it went. Over time it eventually evolved into what was released. The primary reason for the response was that I am a massive fan of the fast foundation mechanic found with the Team Psycho Soldier Characters and Turbo Man, and I am quite the fan of The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons. As such I designed the response akin to that. Anyone who knows me knows that I love any card that causes your opponent to lose vitality, the original Demitri* being my favourite character to play of all time, at one point I was toying around with the idea of the card being a reprint of Midnight Bliss with better stats. Now that I had the response sorted I needed a way to get it into the cardpool. Of course there was blocking and then playing a reversal but then the card would not do anything most of the time and would be dead against any deck that played Safe attacks. I thought of making a simple cantrip and going from there. But I am also a massive fan of filtering cards and decided to rip the form ability from Give Up Yet? pretty simple really.

    Interesting Interactions:

    As previously mentioned I wanted something that would work well with grant’s character card, which I feel I achieved pretty well especially since you can play his form ability and play my action and just filter through a mountain of cards, add in a copy of Balanced Fighter and you are off to the races.

    Vega* - Since the change to both players loses 1 vitality, Apples becomes much better in Vega as it allows you to get to the that sweet spot of desperation while also filtering your hand all the while dealing damage to your opponent.

    Greek Fire – Nice simple use to get some very good protection online to protect you from dying, not much else to say here.

    Athena & Sie – Both care about facedown foundations, with Apples you are able to get an additional facedown that is committed meaning you don’t lose a ready resource.

    Dr Wily, Phil Birch, Shekthur, Cut Man, etc. – Basically any character with a destroy 1 foundation cost. This is pretty self-explanatory, draw cards, build foundation use it for their cost to not lose a more important resource.

    Maxima Laser, Cannon Crack – allows you to recur the action to keep filtering and burning.

    Cossack Buster – Allows for you to stack it and re-draw it with various other effects, can be quite resource intensive but is a subtle option that works.

    Well that’s all I am going to share for now, if people like this I might make a short write up about Dragged to Victory at some point. Why not share your ideas for the card.
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    Im personally excited about it for the potential it might have in an action heavy Vincent grey build. Build off of good, it might prove to be a much much better draw engine than The White House given its recurrability with cards like Shopaholic and Cannon Crack, which is actually great because it then just gives the option to sideboard the asset. The nice thing about it is it allows for the deck to be built with something other than punches for Valiant Assault for the desired draw. You can go charges and use Blankas attacks for top lf discard control. You can run double Flash kick and get its damage for "pretty much free". I can run ranged with Egg drop, which is an underestimated card even before the silliness you can do with Vincent and all of the ranged support the symbol has with Lily and Donovan. Or you can just run a good "good" attack lineup without having to worry about the disadvantage of a small hand size that running punches was fixing. Or you can just run it in punches and get the draw AND filtering. Plus, and the most abusing thing about it, is it allows for you to run Race Against Time in the deck without having to either only run it in sideboard, or sacrifice on the reliable draw the asset provides.

    In short, it provides options for the deck, and for that I defeinitely need 4 when theyre available.
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    I figured this would be the best area to posit this, but I was able to formally playtest the card after getting it in the mail, and the card is an absolute godsend for death and evil. All of my bright ideas were for good, but one of the biggest issues I'd have in both death and evil is ever present question of "how do I get cards in hand". What usually ends up happening is I'll build an aggressive intent and then lose because I end up slower than the intent wanted to be, and midway through a tournament think "I need to be a 7 carder if I want to use this jank to its fullest extent." Now the card opens so many doors for 6 handed death and evil characters in not having to rely on hard drawing a lot of orange to be as aggressive as I want to be. The form is great, allowing you to dig 2 deep which can save you a game, taking a lot of the RNG factor out of it where you'll lose a game because you had to play defensively from not drawing enough ham and then drawing grey for the next turn. On multiple occassions, one of the card would draw me into more copies, and it would chain like that until I had 3 copies in my card pool and a hand I could actually do work with. But then it wasnt always a garuntee because I still had to ship an attack through in order to unjunk my card pool, which usually had to be cheap if I didnt want to risk royally screwing a turn I had just polished into being viable.

    The only problem I can see is when more and more people start getting ahold of, and using the card, the potential for an already hammer hungry population calling for blood. I already ended up getting the chief complaint from my use of the card of "faithless looting is too powerful an effect to exist in UFS", and another one of my buddies from my local playgroup wants to personally thank you for not making the card life...and also for not making it any of metal man's symbols.

    I'll still have to run the card in other decks which can utilize the card for other benefits, as what I playtested had a more burn focus and liked it for the draw, and burn off of the reaction, but I can already tell where most of the potential is gonna be, and a Vincent grey action build on good, or evil is gonna love it, and might even want to get away with using it in tandem with The White House.

    I can definitely see the card as a competative necesseity for evil and death decks that like to be more aggressive.
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