Hello everyone,

If you haven't seen him, he is on ultra - http://ufsultra.com/

I have now received my copies of Garett4.

In addition to 4, I will also have copies of 2 and 3 and will be distributing them in person at

Gencon - Indianapolis August 17th to 21st

UK Nats - Sept 29 to Oct 1st

US Nats - Oct 20 to 22nd

If you are attending one of these events, or know someone that is, I will provide you with a copy in person.

If you are NOT attending one of these events they will be available for purchase through Rochester CCG as soon as I can get them there, OR you can contact me personally to acquire them - pm here or on facebook or whatever.

If you are attending one of the above events I ask you do not request a mail out unless you have a particular need for one sooner/before said event.