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Thread: My beautiful character is ruined?

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    My beautiful character is ruined?

    Quote Originally Posted by My Beautiful Face is Ruined!
    R [Card Pool]: After you block with this card, your opponent destroys 1 card in their staging area.
    If my opponent blocks with Beautiful Face and I have a stacked character in my staging area, can I put the character in my discard pile to satisfy Face's R?

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    It was ruled that with Dazzling Maelstrom's enhance "Combo E: destroy 1 card in your opponent's staging area.", that you can destroy character cards attached to Heidi. I would infer that you can destroy attached characters to the effect of "My Beautiful Face is Ruined!" to fulfill the response being played.
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    For the sake of consistency, it should work fine.
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    Yes, attached cards are in the staging area therefore they are eligible to be destroyed as cards in a staging area.

    The only exempt card is your starting character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LGR 0.5
    B.1.3 A player's starting character can never be destroyed, removed, flipped or leave the staging area for any reason during a game.
    You can destroy an attached character via Beautiful Face, but never your starting character.

    Of course the Golden Rule applies to cards like Here Comes a New Challenger and Animate Fusion.
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