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Thread: Choke Throw and 'unmodified control check'

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    Choke Throw and 'unmodified control check'


    When it says an 'unmodified control check' does this mean that any floating boosts or penalties to my 'next check' that would otherwise apply are ignored? Will such effects be carried to the next check after this one? Also am I allowed to commit cards to pass this check?

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    Yes to ignoring mods to it. So what you check (printed on the card checked) is what you get.

    Effects will not carry forward if they modify your next check and you Choke Throw for a check. Namely they 'will' modify the check, Choke Throw's effect just won't care about what they modify it to. Ex. your next check gets +1. then you play Choke Throw enhance, you make a check - even though it is an modified check it is a check so it gets +1 - Choke Throw's effect looks for the unmodified check value, which is what is printed on the card. You then go to play another card or make a further control check, that check is no longer your next check and it doesn't get the +1 (which modified the Choke Throw enhance but for no reason).

    No, you cannot commit cards as you are not making a difficulty check, you are making a control check - not against anything or with any mods. If the number printed on the card is 4, 5, or 6 then the effect resolves favorably.
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