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Thread: 2017 Swiss champ nats report

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    2017 Swiss champ nats report

    First off, I had a great time this weekend!


    Round 1
    Myself playing void dhalsim against evil baelkor

    I blocked the first attack thrown at me, I reduced a bit of the next ones and took some damage, I drew pretty much no attacks and just built some nice control pieces. Revokes his +5 damage and reduced the other attacks and then I got attacks and got him. Napalm bomb puts in a ton of work for me.

    Game 2 is pretty much the same thing. I understood his deck a lot more and pretty much controlled the game the whole time.

    Game 2 against little Johnson playing air tengu man

    Mason and I play against each other occasionally. It's always a great match.
    So game 1 I'm pretty sure he didn't know how my deck worked and I just damage reduced everything.Napalm bomb hitting for 11 early on and then I built 3 foundations to put me in a great spot. I tend to not let him damage me to much and made sure I could stop dive if he tried to go in. Game 2 I thought I had the game but he survived my kill turn and then got me with yoga inferno.He played amazing and we had about 10 minuets left.So game 3 I drew everything I needed and killed him pretty fast.

    Match against Dan Austin playing water Lilith

    Game 1 was both of us defending well but I was slowly burning him.So after many turns he went in to kill me. He just couldn't fully get through and he put himself to 1 with Elizabeths attack. I drew a few attacks and got him.
    Game 2 was pretty similar to game 1 but his kill turn got me this time. Had about 10 minuets left so I wanted to go in fast next game.
    Game 3
    Pretty similar to how it was against mason. I drew really well and killed him pretty fast.

    Game 4 was against a fire Eva

    I ran through him game 1. Napalm man's attacks are really strong and just killed him. Knowing when to block is really important in this match as Eva can just kill you with tech sphere if you don't prepare for it.
    Game 2 he definitely had me worried but I kept a mid block and a revoke. He got the infinite off but I just blocked it and revoked the where the seas meet. He failed his next attack which would of killed me if he didn't fail it. I got attacks and he couldn't do anything to my back swing.


    Against Tam playing Vega

    Tam and I tend to play at most events we both go to and he stomps my ass usually in singles but I always pay him back in top cuts. So I was definitely worried about going into this match up.
    I damaged reduced everything and he blocked my attacks early on. We both walled up for many turns. I tried to kill him but I failed and then he didn't draw enough to kill me. So a few more turns of walling for both of us and I survived his kill turn and then I got him on the back swing.
    Game 2 was really identical to game 1 but I did get a bit early on but I chose not to burn him as he would of been put in desperation. I broke through a few turns later and got him.

    Garett Brett playing air grant
    I have yet to play against Garett and I must say that it was definitely an experience.
    I practiced a ton going into a match up against a grant, I have yet to lose a game to 1 and I kept it that way!

    I opened up with 3 portals and I believe a caught red handed, I could be wrong with the caught as I have an awfully memory. We both walled up for many turns and I kept him from his Templars as well as I kept a revoke in hand for many turns as I feared nivose. We would try poking each other a bit on our turns but we both just defended really well. I did get a good turn in and put him to very low health. He did almost get me with a pretty long sting of attacks but I revoked everything I needed as well as blocked what I needed, he just couldn't get through my wall and I back swinged finally killing him with about 10 minuets left.

    Game 2, he built a few foundations, I opened with homing missiles hitting him for a decent chunk of his health and then I built a few. He then attacked taking a decent chunk of my health but not enough to make me worried. I got a hand of napalm man's attacks and stretch kicks. He checked a 1 on dodge and failed it, at that point we both knew the match was over if I checked well, I checked well and he died.


    Jray playing chaos Keith

    We agreed to draw but we both wanted to see how we would do in this match up. I got tore up, I made him work for it but he just gained so much advantage on me both game 1 and 2.

    So 6/0/1
    I was Swiss champ!

    top 16 against big Johnson playing life pharoah man

    Game 1 was back and fourth for a few turns, he failed his kill turn and I drew 1 attack and couldn't kill him with it. He then drew more attacks and beat my ass.

    Game 2 I drew attacks and ran through him pretty easy.

    Game 3 he over extends early but I survive and couldn't draw attacks again. I died the next turn.
    I'm pretty bad at explaining everything but hopefully you enjoyed this report.Feel free to ask if you have any questions about my deck. It performed amazing over the weekend and it's definitely not an easy deck to beat!
    Top 4 Arkansas 2016 ptc, Void Metal Man
    Won Omaha 2016 ptc, faster Void Metal Man

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    Nice write-up Chris! You were one of my only two losses this weekend, the other being the final blow in top cuts by Dan's Athena.

    I had a LOT of amazing matches this weekend, I'm thinking more than half of them were memorable enough to be in my top 20 ever. Yours among them of course.

    I will have a report up asap, no later than tomorrow, and add some detail to our match for anyone interested

    Looking forward to playing you again soon!
    "No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin Chin."

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