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Thread: Cowboy Bebop...where, how?

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    Cowboy Bebop...where, how?

    I am so excited for Bebop to be released, but where can I pre-order and how would I go about getting some of the prize support such as the play mat without a store?

    I am in Seattle and have not found another player for years! It is amazing this game is still being developed and sold with such a small player base. I still follow the game in hopes of finding someone out there that is interested.
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    In part it depends on how much you are willing to spend and how much product you desire vs. any additional legwork you want to put in.

    Online retailers like and often sell the release/pre-release kits which will come with something along the lines of 6 booster boxes + 8 Turbo Sets + 4 Set Release Playmats + Select Format Characters and would be priced at like $600 most likely. This should probably get you somewhere in the general vicinity of 1 play set of every card in the set and everything involved as far as prize support for a "release/pre-release event" (the playmats [you'd have 3 extra] and the full art "draft legal" character cards [you would also have extras of these]). Be careful and certain when ordering that the product description indicates that the playmats are included as there may be similar items for the same or similar price point which don't contain that prize support. Neither of these looks to have pre-orders up yet but that should change in the next few weeks once the actual release date is officially announced.

    In the event you aren't looking to spend that much money as an individual, you can of course still buy whatever amount of sealed product you desire from these online retailers or the Jasco Games online store itself and try to track down someone on here or on facebook who ends up with one of the release playmats they are willing to part with for trade or money. These 3rd party retailer websites will also usually some time after the release date end up having and selling some left over stock of those release mats as well but nothing is guaranteed. The select format characters if you desire them you could also attempt to obtain from individuals in a similar manner or potentially thru the Jasco Games section of assuming they ever get posted up there. The online retailers I have mentioned will likely not have those items for sale individually at any time however.

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    Thank you. That's a lot of helpful info. I don't want to spend more than around $100. I bought one booster box of each set released in the last 5 years and one of each Turbo deck. I would like to do the same with Bebop, plus get the play mat if possible. I hope there are some reasonable price options on those websites. Unfortunately, I don't use Facebook so I cannot connect with anyone there.

    It seems odd that there is not as much pre order hype for this set. I guess it is not as big of an IP as Mega Man or Street Fighter.
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    Thank the commentators for their prompts. I also live near Seattle, maybe we saw each other, Badmojojojo? hope to buy this game asap! Thank youf ro your help!

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