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Thread: Eligor Advice/General Performance

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    Eligor Advice/General Performance

    My first deck was a reversal deck (Vespera starter) so I'm a bit biased to decks that run them, and thus I always liked Eligor as a character. The biggest obstacle however was making him 'good' as a deck. There always seemed to be some issue with him like not enough damage, not enough damage reduction, can't perform solid kill turns, etc. He has a very interesting mechanic and theme and I do want to try and make a strong version of the deck if possible.

    I'm mostly looking for general advice across the symbols and his playstyle from others that used him for casual or competitive play. My current idea right now is to build him on Order right now for several reasons: Tiger Uppercut, Rain Flush, Shippuu Kyaku, etc provide a strong mix of reversal and player turn attacks to make sure he has pressure on both turns still and I think one of the most important pair of foundations are 'Cool and Focused' for blocking fast/strong attacks easier, and 'Refusing to Let Go' for damage control and helping with his survivability as a character that relies on getting hit.

    I do have a draft for an order deck made so far, though low bocks are the lacking defensive zone and it is of course un-tested as I'll need to order several rares for this build.

    Any advice for his 'best' symbol and general playstyle? Or is he still doomed to being mediocre with the current pool of cards on symbol.

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    I like him as an option to sideboard into vs throw decks, but otherwise playing a different character that outperforms him is easier. He has no Hunt symbols and loses to speed resets. He himself gets picked apart really hard by aggro decks that run Hunt. He wants to be played into a slower, grindy matchup with a lot of poking, which the game has moved away from heavily due to how ridiculously cost-efficient attacks are becoming. In general he's sort of underpowered, like most of the rest of the Indines characters, but he's also sort of a relic of 2 years ago; he wants to exist in a world where the average attack deals 4 damage rather than 6 or more, and ideally when Templar is on stronger symbols.

    Throw decks have to change their gameplan up against Eligor lest they want to be staring down very large attacks on the backswing. I'd try building some general All/Good decks and bringing him along to test into the throw matchup. Order generally falls off really quickly unless your character has incredibly strong scaling (ex. Kim, Guile, Garett3).

    I think if you're entirely focused on maindecking him, ideally you want to look at strong mid-blocks, damage reduction and lifegain to make the most of him right now.

    We have a discord community that offers deck feedback and theorycrafting if you want to crowdsource your ideas more.
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