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Thread: Modified Control Checks

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    Modified Control Checks

    Had this come up and the LGR does not have this covered from what I could Ctrl+F it so figured I post it here.

    Despise all Evil
    E Destroy: Checks cannot be modified for the rest of this turn.

    Drill Bomb
    E: If this is your first attack this turn, the next card you attempt to play this turn passes (no check necessary).
    Is Drill Bomb considered to modify the control check or is the whole process of the control check skipped?

    In my opinion it would feel consistent that any effect that changes how a control check works should be stopped by Despise All Evil.


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    I would think the check would pass just because the Card states no check necessary. Its not modifing anything since there is no check in the first place.

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    Check modifiers are things that apply in E.3.1.2 of the rules when making a check. If something says "checks cannot be modified" or "make an unmodified control check" anything that would manipulate the checked value as outlined in E.3.1.2 is not applied.

    E.3.1 Discard the top card of your deck. The control value of this card is the starting value of the control check.
    E.3.1.1 This starting value is also the number you checked for the purposes of game events and effects.
    E.3.1.2 Some effects may modify the value of the control check. These do not affect the starting value, only the final value.
    E.3.2 The final value of the control check is now set.

    Something that makes a card automatically pass bypasses the entire act of making a control check to play the card. Something that makes "your next control check an X (no check necessary)" bypasses the act of discarding in E.3.1 and I'm not certain if it allows for modifiers from E.3.1.2 or not. I'd imagine that sets the "starting value" and you apply modifiers as normal at that point.
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