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Thread: Looking for some certified stamps for my collection

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    Wink Looking for some certified stamps for my collection

    Couple of questions before the PTC in a few days.

    Does using a remove cost like Bang! Count as a card leaving the card pool? For things like Finding What Was Lost and Ace Maneuvers I think there was some confusion as to the transit zone being in the card pool but that was just a clarification on cards being played FROM the card pool not leaving the card pool.
    AFAIK the remove cost still means the card never enters the card pool.

    If I play a form ability ala Novitiate, and my opponent responds to cancel with Twinkle Murdock, can I cancel TM with a Stoic and Cynical? TM doesn't explicitly say E or R but is an ability that would cancel your E or R.

    If I use the first E on Distraction Destruction, and my opponent responds with Tactical Advantage "R: Before a card would leave your staging area due to your opponent's effect, remove this card instead.", is Tactical Advantage removed from the game? And it only counts for one of the cards? You would still have to place 1 other foundation into momentum right?
    Furthermore, when you TM cancels Tactical Advantage, do you have to have selected the foundation TA was replacing first? ie: "First E, Distraction Destruction" opponent must now select the foundations, which can include tactical advantage, and then respond with Tactical Advantage? Is this the correct order of play?

    Does Terry2 work with Multiples? The last thing I saw about it was on social media about investigating layers. K want answers. I want (Sword of) Justice for Terry2!
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    1) As I understand it, you pay the cost of removing the card even before the card is played. Additional costs are payed before control checks are made, so even if you fail the control check, the card is removed from the game. In the case of cards like Bang!'s E and Big Shot: Punch, the cards go from your hand, to the transit zone, to the removed from game zone. It never enters the card pool so it is not counted by Ace Maneuvers and is unaffected by Shouoken.

    2) My instinct says no, because you don't have an E or R ability to be cancelled, so no ability can currently be an "ability that cancels your enhance or response ability". However this one is less clear that the other ones.

    3) Distraction Destruction's ability instructs the player to "add 2 foundations from your staging area to your momentum" or more accurately, "add 1 foundation from your staging area to your momentum, then add 1 foundation from your staging area to your momentum". If the player begins to follow the first instruction, TA's response window opens, If they then use Tactical Advantage, then their instructions are now "remove TA, add 1 foundation to momentum". If TA is cancelled, their instructions go back to being "add 1 foundation to momentum, add 1 foundation to momentum". The player follows the first instruction (no response window, because that already happened with that card). The player now has one instruction left. They begin to follow the remaining instruction, but TA's response window opens again, because it's a different card this time. They use the ability and their instructions are now "remove TA". Basically, you have to have twice as many reaction cancelling effects as they have Tactical Advantages to get them to add both cards to their momentum, otherwise, they will just remove 1 or even possibly 2 TA's and gain no momentum.

    4) Multiple copies of attacks have no keywords or abilities, unless they are granted keywords or abilities by some other effect. This means they all qualify for the "non-throw attack" requirement. The harder part is the restriction on when the ability is played. Since it says "Playable only if this attack is preceded by a non-attack card in your card pool" you would have to somehow manipulate the card pool to get rid of the original attack with multiple to be able to use this ability on the first copy. However, once a face down attack resolves, it stops being anything other than a face down card in the card pool. So if you have 2 or more multiple copies of an attack in a row, you can use Terry's E on every copy except the first.

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