These bans are effective March 13th, 2018.

Standard Format Legality + Ban List

Banned - Standard

-Cowboy Bebop (CB01)-
*Twinkle Murdock*

-Red Horizon: Blood Omen (RH03)-

-Mega Man: Battle for Power (MM03)-
*Napalm Man*

-World of Indines (IN01)-
A World Lost to Time
A Lesson in Magic

-Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night (DS02)-

-Mega Man: Rise of the Masters (MM02)-
*Gemini Man*
*Skull Man*

-Darkstalkers Tins (DS01)-

-The King of Fighters: NeoMax (KOF04)-

-Promotional Cards-
Summer Heat

New Bans

Twinkle Murdock is now banned for Standard and Turbo. While our competitive players and veterans have found many ways to compete against her, she causes damage on a casual level that results in negative play experiences.

There are a large handful of decks that can perform very well in the current Standard UFS environment, but end up having major problems against Twinkle Murdock due to her easy negation every turn. Banning Twinkle Murdock should result in players feeling more comfortable playing a wider variety of decks with success.

The mechanics of UFS promote playing many foundations and building a wall of defense. Under the Jasco Games Era of UFS, we have made attacks more powerful to make attacking attractive. We also properly costed control pieces with "Destroy" or "Remove" costs, or 4 checks instead of 5 or 6 checks. While aggro decks have a fair shot against Twinkle Murdock, control decks fight a losing battle because Twinkle's easy negation cancels the correctly costed control pieces. With Twinkle gone, we expect to see more decks competitively viable, most notably control and combo decks.

We are watching a few more cards, but have decided to just take action on Twinkle Murdock for the time being.

No cards have come off the ban list.