Hi! Finally in Chile we have an official distributor for UFS again, so we are rebuilding our community.
I'm looking for trade some cards, please help us with that.

Successful Forum Trades:

Tader_Salad +1
Vaporgecko +1
Brodiewan +2
Cetonis +1
Pandasauce +1
Epitaph +1
Doji_Mike +1
Michael +1
bccar01 +1


-Swodfish Plasma Cannon x2
-M3C Devastator Plasma Cannon x2
-Getaway Fire x2
-Faye's Cover Fire x4
-Honky Tonk Woman x2
-Curious Magnetism x2
-Jupiter Jazz x4
-Stink Gas x2
-Ace Maneuver x4
-Meifas Assault x4



-Prepare to Fight x1
-Strongest Style X2
-Delta Blue Team Leader x1
-Well-Earned Relaxation x1
-Focus x1
-Rhythmich Fighting Style x2
-Youthful Enthusiasm x1
-Alpha Male x1
-Spiral Arrow x1
-Demanding Submission x2
-For Mother Russia X2
-Refusing to Let Go x1
-Porsuing a Vendetta x1
-Hired Muscle x1
-Jury x1

-Basilio San Juan x2 (one copy is signed)