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Thread: Winnipeg's Trade List

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    Winnipeg's Trade List

    Hi! Finally in Chile we have an official distributor for UFS again, so we are rebuilding our community.
    I'm looking for trade some cards.

    Successful Forum Trades:

    Tader_Salad +1
    Vaporgecko +1
    Brodiewan +2
    Cetonis +1
    Pandasauce +1
    Epitaph +1
    Doji_Mike +1
    Michael +1
    bccar01 +1


    -Swodfish Plasma Cannon x1
    -M3C Devastator Plasma Cannon x4
    -Cathedral Standoff x4


    -Nivose x1

    -Missile Launcher x3
    -Coffe Samba x1
    -Let's Party x1
    -Overly Dramatic x1
    -Emergency Rations x2
    -New Shipmate x1

    -Prepare to Fight x2
    -Pride of The Tribe x1
    -Well-Earned Relaxation x1
    -Pink Gi x1
    -Focus x1
    -Youthful Enthusiasm x2
    -Alpha Male x2
    -For Mother Russia X1
    -Surprise Reunion x1
    -Yoga Fire x2

    -Basilio San Juan x2 (one copy is signed)
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