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Thread: Folk Tale Storyteller R

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    Folk Tale Storyteller R

    Folk Tale Storyteller's R [cardpool] ability states

    "After you play this card, if you have 2 or more foundations, add it to your staging area."

    Is the response condition "After you play this card" or After you play this card, if you have 2 or more foundations"

    The living game rules state that the response condition is a phrase describing a point in time followed by a comma, however there are two commas. Can said phrase contain a comma?

    Is it requiring a point in time when you have 2 or more foundations after playing it or can you use this response after playing the card and it checks how many foundations you have during the effect?

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    I'm guessing you are wondering if you can pay the cost even if you can't resolve the effect (usually you can do this in most parts of ufs unless there is a 'only playable' restriction) - in this case it would see you get to discard 3 cards from the top of your deck - and yet not add the folk foundation to your staging area.

    The response condition is 'after you play this card'. The key here is it is a point in time and that point is described leading up to a comma.

    I'm not sure this was the design intent, but if it was the design intent to require you to have two foundations to play the response it would need to read 'after you play this card and have 2 or more foundations'. The use of the word 'if' implies sometimes you will and sometimes you won't. Of course Jasco is welcome to rule opposite to this, citing the use of commas to clarify or add to a situation, but I don't believe that is helpful relative to the way the LGR reads and the way it could be written using 'and' instead of commas and 'if'.

    The effect itself is 'if you have 2 or more foundations, add this card to your staging area'.

    I guess I am saying from a design standpoint I see the 2 or more foundation clause to restrict turn 1 build with this, stopping players from playing 1 or more of these and then being able to attack with them as cards to commit in a very early game attack. Had they wanted to 'also' restrict players from self deck discard turn 1 they would have used 'only playable' or 'and' instead of 'if' which is what they chose to use.
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