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Thread: Effects that choose a bonus or penalty and cancellation

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    Effects that choose a bonus or penalty and cancellation

    If an effect has the option to give a bonus or penalty, when is it considered one or the other for effects that cancel one or the other.

    Specifically, if an effect said "Draw a card. This attack gets +x or -x damage."

    If i have an effect: "R: After you opponent plays an ability that grants a speed or damage penalty, cancel its effects."

    When does the response window open to cancel the effects?

    Is it considered shrodinger's effect granting a bonus and penalty until it resolves?

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    In your example your R triggers after whatever cost is payed for the first ability and the ability has been sucessfully played. At this point it would check to see if the effect that you are reacting to has the ability to grant damage or speed penalties and if it does it cancels the whole effect [everything after the cost for the ability]. Meaning it doesnt give the opponent the chance to assign targets or modifiers and they dont get to draw their card.

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