Wound up making these out of bored-at-work (I did fancards for fun before, no reason why I wouldn’t do so now), and figured I may as well post them up.

Went with RH because I felt like it’d be an interesting challenge - a promo style take on characters who have existing histories of support and mechanics, with an eye towards more modern character power levels. It was fun to try and really think about what certain characters have done historically, or ways to leverage their support in a slightly different way. (In a couple cases I kinda just shedded it though)

Also, I wanted to call more attention to the fancard forum in general - it’s a way to think creatively about UFS besides just deckbuilding, and if you’re earnest about it it can help force you to think about what does or doesn’t make something good (power level wise) or interesting (deck building wise).

Plus, anything on the fancard forum is free for use by Jasco. Not that you should expect them to lift entire cards necessarily, but sometimes a fancard post can show off an interesting mechanic, or an old-but-new way of combining some things. And that little example might drive some broder character subtheme, or group of card ideas beyond that one little fancard that lit the bulb. So you can think of it as helping Jasco out in a way too

Anyway, on to the cards. Not thrilled with all of them, and there are a few concessions to “fancardy”-ness (getting a little silly or aggressive power wise), but hopefully folk enjoy looking them over. And are maybe inspired to come up with some fancards of their own!

7HS, 20VIT
After the Ready Phase, choose a number. Your opponent’s checks to play cards with a printed difficulty equal to that number get -2 for the rest of this turn.
R Commit: After your weapon attack deals damage, your opponent loses 3 vitality.

5HS, 35VIT
Your attacks get EX: 5.
R: After your attack is blocked, add the top card of your deck to your momentum.
R [Once per turn]: After you make a check, change it to the difficulty of the checked card.

7HS, 19VIT
F [Once per turn]: Your next attack this turn ignores progressive difficulty.
E Add X foundations from your staging area to your card pool: Draw X cards. This ability cannot be cancelled.

6HS, 28VIT
E: This attack gets +1 or -1 damage.
R: After an attack deals more than its printed damage, gain 2 vitality.
R: After an attack deals less than its printed damage, commit 1 of your opponent's foundations or assets.

6HS, 26VIT
E: Draw 1 card and discard 1 card. If you discarded a character card, this attack gets +2 or -2 speed.
E: Your Tech attack gets +X damage. X equals the number of character cards in your discard pile (maximum 5).

6HS, 29VIT
First F: Your opponent flips 1 foundation, then commits half of their face down foundations (rounded up).
R Commit: After you discard 1 or more momentum to pay the cost of a Powerful ability or due to an opponent’s effect, add all of the discarded momentum to your hand.

6HS, 27VIT
First F: Your opponent adds the top 3 cards of their deck to their card pool face down.
E [Your attack] Discard 1 card from your opponent's card pool: Your attack gets +3 damage.

Mei Lien
5HS, 34VIT
E: Both players draw 1 card.
E: Both players discard 1 card.
E Commit 2 foundations with the same name: Your attack gets +5 damage and +5 speed.

7HS, 20VIT
R: After you play a Flash attack, increase its speed or damage to 6.
R: Before the End Phase, add 1 foundation with a difficulty of 3 or more from your hand to your staging area.

6HS, 27VIT
E: Discard the top card of your deck. If its control is less than your attack's printed difficulty, your attack gets +X damage. X equals the discarded card's control.
R Commit: Before your opponent’s End Phase, if they did not play an attack this turn, they destroy 1 ready foundation.

6HS, 26VIT
First F Discard 1 card: Your opponent discards their hand and draws that many cards.
R Commit: After you play a Combo ability, draw 2 cards and your next 2 checks to play cards this turn pass (no check necessary).

6HS, 26VIT
F Remove 1 action in your hand from the game: Add the top card of your discard pile to your hand.
R Commit 1 foundation: After your Punch or Weapon attack deals damage, discard it from your card pool and draw 1 card.

7HS, 18VIT
E [Once per turn]: If your opponent commits foundations to pass the check to block this attack, those cards do not ready during their next Ready Step.
E Commit: This attack gets -X damage. X equals the number of your opponent's committed foundations.

7HS, 19VIT
E: The next time you play a foundation card this turn, it does not add to progressive difficulty.
E Commit: Add all foundations in your card pool to your momentum and draw that many cards.

6HS, 27VIT
E: You may play up to 5 more enhances before passing priority to your opponent.
R [Once per turn]: After you play your 5th enhance ability during your weapon attack’s Enhance Step, it gets +3 speed, Stun: 3 and Powerful: 3.

6HS, 28VIT
E: Add 1 attack from your discard pile to your card pool and seal it. It does not add to progressive difficulty. You may rearrange your card pool.
F Commit, discard 1 momentum: Add 1 card from your card pool to your hand.

Super Skull Man 33
5HS, 33VIT
The first card in your card pool does not count towards progressive difficulty.
The first card in your opponent's card pool counts as 2 cards towards progressive difficulty.
F Commit, discard 1 card: Choose a card in you card pool or staging area. Add 1 copy of that card from your discard pile to your hand.

Allahra & Syrithe
6HS, 26VIT
Your attacks gain the [Infinity] resource symbol.
R: After your attack deals damage, gain 1 vitality and your opponent loses 1 vitality.
R: Before your End Phase, if there are 12 different resource symbols on attacks in your card pool, search all your game zones for a copy of Omniel and add it to your staging area as your starting character (this character will be discarded).

7HS, 26VIT
After the first turn of the game, you lose the game.
Your cards gain the [Infinity] and [Infinity] resource symbols.
R: After your attack deals damage, gain 3 vitality and your opponent loses 3 vitality.
F [Once per turn]: If there are 12 different resource symbols on cards in your card pool, destroy all of your opponent's face down foundations, then flip all of their foundations.

7HS, 20VIT
E [Your attack]: If your opponent has played two or more enhance abilities this Enhance Step, commit 1 of their foundations.
E (4+): Your attack with a printed damage of 4 gets +2 speed and +2 damage.

7HS, 19VIT
During your opponent's turn, your attacks get -3 difficulty.
R [Once per turn]: After your unblocked attack deals damage, your opponent destroys 1 ready foundation.

Vincent Grey
6HS, 29VIT
R: Before the End Phase, look at the top X cards of either player's deck and remove any number of them from the game. X equals the number of attacks that dealt damage this turn.
E: Your attack gets +3 damage for each different card type in your opponent's card pool.

6HS, 27VIT
R: Before the End Phase, add all cards in your card pool to your hand.
E Add 1 face down foundation to your card pool: Add 1 other card from your hand or card pool to your staging area face down. This attack gets +2 or -2 speed.