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Thread: Enhance Timing Question

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    Enhance Timing Question

    I just purchased the Street Fighter Turbo deck starters and am preparing for my first UFS game this weekend. After reviewing the cards in Chun-Li's deck, I have a question about several cards.

    Let's first take a look at Kikosho, a Speed 3, Damage 6 Attack:

    Ranged - Fury
    If your last attack this turn was blocked, this attack gets -3 difficulty and +3 speed.
    E: Add 1 Kick attack from your card pool to your momentum. If this attack's speed is 6 or greater, ready 1 of your foundations.

    Say my previous Attack was blocked and therefore Kikosho's current Speed is 6. As my first Enhance action I play Kikosho's E ability and place the previous Attack into my momentum. My question is as follows: do I get to ready one of my foundations now since Kikosho's current Speed is 6, or do I have to wait for the Enhance phase to end to see where Kikosho's Speed actually ends up (since my opponent can play Enhance actions to reduce its speed)? The same question would also apply to Chun-Li's following cards:

    Ranged - EX: 3
    E: Your kick attacks get +1 damage for the rest of this turn. If this attack's speed is 6 or greater, gain 3 vitality.

    Spinning Bird Kick
    Kick - Charge -** E**X: 2
    E: If this attack's speed is 6 or greater, it gets +3 damage.


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    Kikosho, Kikoken, and Spinning Bird Kick they all check what their current speed is when the enhance ability is played.

    For Kikosho and Kikoken the first half of the abilities will go off (Kick attack to momentum/Kicks get +1 Damage) even if they are not 6 speed because the second half of the abilities are separated by a period. The reverse is true at least for Kikosho where you do not have to have a kick in your card pool to get the second half of the effect if it is above 6 speed to ready a foundation immediately.

    Hope this helps.

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    Totally clear now, thank you!

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