So in draft we draft 60 cards. To make a 40 card + Character card deck.
Here is a copy and paste fro the select format document currently on the website. I will highlight the parts which is causing an issue and I would like clarification.

Draft Rules:
40 card deck + character, the remaining cards become the Sideboard.
 Instead of the normal resource restriction rules, players may play cards into their card pool
in any order as long as they share 1 symbol with their starting character (resource chaining
is not required).
 There is no restriction on maximum copies of a card with the same name.
 When taking a mulligan, the player going first may put their entire hand on the bottom of
their deck and draw a new hand, then shuffle the deck. The player going second may choose
any number of cards in their hand, place them on the bottom of their deck, draw that many
cards, then shuffle their deck.
 When cycling the deck, only remove 5 cards from the game instead of 10.
 Each player receives 6 booster packs. Each player opens 1 pack, selects one card to keep
from it, sets it face down in front of them and passes the remaining cards to the player to
their left. Players will thus receive a pile of nine cards from the player on their right. They
again pick one card, pass the remainder to the left, and so on until there are no more cards
left from the pack.
 Repeat this process for all six packs, alternating which direction cards are passed in per pack
opened (left, then right, then left, etc). Players may check the cards they have drafted at any
time as long as it is done in a timely manner.
 At the end of this process, each player will have 60 cards. They may then borrow exactly one
full-art Select Format Only character card from the store/host if they choose. These cards
must be returned after the event, so that they can be used for future Select Format events.
Players then use the cards they drafted, along with their borrowed character to build a deck
with a minimum of 40 cards
, excluding their starting character.

Now the question is this. is it both min and max 40 plus character or is it just min 40? also if it is both min and max when did that happen?
If it is min 40 + character please can you adjust the sheet so that confusion is not further propagated.

Thank you