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Thread: Are there any simulator programs for UFS where I can play against an AI opponent?

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    Question Are there any simulator programs for UFS where I can play against an AI opponent?


    Sorry I honestly am a complete newbie here.

    Are there any simulator programs for UFS where I can play against an AI/CPU or Computer controleld opponent?

    Do any such program exist or is that possible at all with OCTGN?

    And if so, then is it completely free to experiment and play with that I wouldn't have to invest and does not require any out-of-pocket costs?

    What I would like to do is be able to experiment and test the waters with UFS first and see if I can get the hang of it before deciding whether if I would actually enjoy and like it enough to actually spend any actual money on it if that's possible.

    I mean I've seen similar programs in the past made for the most popular tcgs and ccgs such as yugioh, magic the gathering and pokemon, so I've always wondered if anything like that exists and is also available for UFS.

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    it's been attempted before, the problem is with how the response window in our game works making it a headache to code into the programs to work, someone WAS working on a possible simulator to teach people but i think he gave up on it after about a year of trying to code in everything that can come up in a normal game of UFS

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    I see. Any idea if it was ever released at all to the public, such as beta version?

    I was mostly interested in testing out how pretty much all of the starter decks that had been released for UFS to see how they would play and feel from a simulator program. From what you're telling me I'm guessing that UFS's system and mechanics are much more complex to make any digital electronic version of the game work properly unlike and when compared the most popular 3 tcgs/ccgs then?

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