Are any of you former yugioh players here that had transitioned to and moved onto UFS? If so, mind sharing with me about what your experiences with switching over to playing UFS is like, such as what you like and enjoy about it or did not like about it?

Current yugioh players that play UFS are also fine if any of you want to share their experiences with me, maybe you can compare and explain more thoroughly between the state of both games, etc.

I think I just would relate better to those that are former than current though. So can you honestly tell me what you think of UFS compared to yugioh then? I've personally had too many bad experiences with yugioh and had quit since sometimes back in 2007.

When I first heard about UFS and since at that time I was still a yugioh player, I had always wanted to transition to and give UFS a chance and play it back then when Sabertooth games first made and introduced it.

I even regretted all that money I had spent on yugioh and how things turned out with it. It's like if only I had seen this coming or knew about this.

But I never got back to UFS unfortunately, mostly because of the region and location I live in appears to be a dead zone with a very limited to no market for any card games other than the same 3 common and popular card games, magic the gathering, pokemon and yugioh. If you're wondering I'm in the Boston, MA region or area, and if you're part of there you'd probably know for certain how UFS turned out in that region. I hardly even see stores carry anything for it other than just the starter decks for the game, but now I can't find it anywhere locally.

I still have a Ryu starter deck from the time frame that Sabertooth Games first introduced this game, but that's about it. The fact that this card game survived this long despite despite the company that manages and owns the rights to it had changed on more than one occasion tells me that it's definitely something about it being still worth looking into and experiment with.

For most part I have played many of the popular 2-D fighting games back in the day, from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King Of Fighters, etc.

Leaning towards more of a KOF fan and MK fan though.

And as for being a KOF Fan, I've always been a fan of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. But the one thing that always bugged me is that I had always waited on and hoped that there would eventually be UFS starter decks for those two characters, but it just never happened.

I mean I saw something like that Ryu vs. Akuma Battle Pack so I figured that maybe and perhaps one day and eventually there would be a Kyo vs. Iori Battle Pack too. Guess there just isn't enough interest nor demand to justify making one then?

I guess that's another reason I never got back to it, but I am still interested and it's a big exception, because after my bad experiences with yugioh I figured I'd avoid pretty much any money pits or money sinks forever and pretty much any kind of traditional card games such as "Collectible" or "Trading" Card Games are or would become that way.

I've reassessed things and my situation and think that maybe it's best I'd consider more budget friendlier and casual friendlier alternatives like Living Card Games and/or Deck Building Games instead. But like I said, being a fan of many older popular fighting games and that I liked and enjoyed them I'm reconsidering and making UFS the only exception as it still has my attention.