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Thread: Jasco Legacy

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    Jasco Legacy

    Is this a thing yet that is a fully supported format with Jasco only released UFS cards?

    I refuse to buy new product where the company has made my older cards useless due to rotation.

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    Anything about such a format has been largely speculative so far. With the amount of work needed to vet a ban list, licensing issues, and many of the sets being largely unavailable, there's not much incentive for the company to really support such a format imo.
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    Just stick with and play casual games instead of organized play events and toirnaments then or only go to those places or stores that run booster draft or sealed deck matches using booster packs and/or starter decks from prior and older sets that had been rotated out and phased out.

    Know what your goals are before investing into anything including a game. I realized I'm more interested in making theme appropriate and relevant decks for popular characters in both Capcom and SNK games rather than play and involve myself with the regular standard metagame when I simply don't have the budget nor time for all of that.

    It's also because there practically is no "competitive" scene, no large or frequent one locally in my region of New England. If UFS was being played, sold on a regular and frequent basis locally then that might have given me more incentive to learn the metagame and try to play and compete for those prizes offered. But it just isn't favorable nor desirable in my situation and circumstances so I'll have to go in a different approach and direction that makes the much better sense if not the most sense for me.

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    Keeping up with banlists was a total pain in the ads in my last experience with a card game. But it is what it is. But I know that it Just isn't for me so I'll never want to repeat the same path and end up with the same unhappy and disappointed experiences I've had with another collectible card game.

    If you really want my advice, I'd suggest buy some starters and reconstructed decks of older sets that you want to tinker around and play with. Then decide if keeping up with ban lists, powercreep, metagame, and pretty much the entire competitive scene and tournaments are something right for you or not.

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    Jasco Legacy will eventually have to be a thing.

    The Omaha PTC this year will have an Jasco Legacy 1K on Sunday:

    September 28-29 – Legendary Wolf Games
    3001 S 144th Street #2035
    Omaha, Nebraska 68144

    Banlist TBA.
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