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Thread: Dutpotd’s first PTC in a long while, finally Rockford, 3rd place finish with All Gill

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    Dutpotd’s first PTC in a long while, finally Rockford, 3rd place finish with All Gill

    With life being quite busy, I hadn’t been to a competitive UFS event since last October and US Nats 2018 where I top finished with Spike1. That is also when I first saw Gill and having done great things with him in Extended (won my first ever Champ Card with him) knew I had to play him at least once, even if he was a real 5hs character (see more on that below)…

    I have about 5 different Gill’s built, 2 All versions, 2 Life versions, and an Order version. Tanner Jamros put Order Gill on the map at worlds so I didn’t want to step on his feet much (since mine was similar), and while Matt Turner played an All Gill a few months earlier mine was significantly different from it, not going the DR/Shokan route, and playing a much more robust attack lineup. The 83 card decklist will be posted shortly I presume, and if you have any questions about it please post them here where I can respond so everyone can see my thought process.

    Aside from playing Gill and seeing how he fared against some of the newer stuff, my goal this PTC was to collect some data on the up and comers, in particular the Omaha ones given it was ‘them’ Tim or I need to take our US National title back from in October, Barret being from that group of players and currently holding the title (and well deservedly after an excellent run last Fall in both singles and teams).

    I also wanted to showcase and give a special thanks to Kevin DiMarco for doing up a RuGill alter on Gill, crossing him with my favorite fighting game character Rugal Bernstein from KoF series, him and Gill both have the hobby of resurrection so it made sense. I mean, Rugal dresses better, has Rodem, and is obviously stronger, but it wasn’t a total stretch.

    Round 1 vs. Tamren C playing Evil Scorpion

    I had played Tamren before, and I don’t consider him and up and comer because he is already ‘there’ so to speak. The prior time I played him I had his number pretty well with a momentum control All deck Team Worlds 2018. I’ve never lost to Scorpion because I know how to block and do math so I wasn’t overly concerned with this matchup, except for the fact I knew Tamren was probably ‘the’ best or at least most renowned Scorpion player, and would therefore have a deep knowledge about how to run his tricks, manage his strings, and force me into tough decisions about vitality management.

    I was proven right on both counts, we had an amazing game 1, where he did trick me into making a tough call on Samba to From Hell strings, backed by if you block you burn stuff. I escaped with my life and killed him on a backswing, and in game 2 he couldn’t muster enough quick enough to kill me.


    Round 2 vs. Jeremy Ray playing Air Remliss

    The only deck I had got to practice my Gill against was Remliss, albeit my own Fire version. I knew what it was capable of, and in general how it could just ready its whole area, draw its whole deck, while giving all of its attacks +2 +2. That said, it needed a little setup to be dangerous, and even though I was playing a 24 attack deck Gill that wasn’t necessarily an ‘out build’ my opponent deck, I am a dangerous player in general if given a long game to make decisions in.

    I found out quickly that Air Remliss had a few different tricks, but wasn’t as consistent at posing a threat, as the Fire version. I hummed and hahhed and was planning on killing Jeremy around time being called so I could get a one and done on the books (I’m sure he felt the same). I setup that kill turn but checked a little poorly, luckily Jeremy still opted for not overcommitting into a big Soul Devour since it wasn’t lethal, leaving him in Brutality range. I needed a 5 or 6 check to pass the Brutality and win the game in style, I checked a 4 and the rest is history.


    Round 3 vs. John Owen playing Fire Celinka 1

    We were put on stream so check it out if you want. In short, I had played against Celinka with Geoffrey in our draft event here in Calgary and I had studied up on Tim’s attempt earlier in the year with her. I knew what she was capable of and knew if I blocked well I’d be fine but that the longer the game went the more danger I would be in because she’d quickly give everything a ton of damage and require I block once stacked.

    John had a really interesting deckbuild, one that was quite defensive. I knew I had to get him to overextend into me to open him up for a big backswing, and after I drew my single Ghost Thief (or rather was able to put it to the top of my deck and draw it from getting hit) I knew the opening existed. I left myself open for him to hit me with an 18 damage Heidi punch leaving me near death but him with nothing to defend against. I had the Ghost Thief, also drew other more punishing attacks and swung back in to take game 1.

    Game 2 went a little more in my favor because I knew exactly what he was capable of. I believe time was called after four or five turns, me comfortably alive, he asked me to try to finish him to see if he could also survive and I tried but didn’t have near enough gas, as I said he did have a really neat defensive take on her.


    I went for lunch with John and his crew, awesome folk from Michigan area, and was just generally having a great PTC experience. Meeting new players and actually getting to know them is a must for PTC travelling.

    Round 4 vs. Robert N playing Water Xianghua

    I’ve had a little bit of practice against the nastiness that is this current Xia incarnation, and a lot of experience against her previous insanity as well. I knew I needed some pretty significant stun hate out or I would have trouble blocking, but I also knew she needed to block to make use of her own effect on my turn (and cause me the most damage). Gill is well positioned to fight in this matchup because of the speed he gives his pokes, of course that also means I’m not drawing if she isn’t blocking, but I found ways to make something out of nothing with my momentum.

    Robert made some very strong, or were they just cute, plays with Werelight but I persevered winning game 1 and 3. I was actually quite okay with losing here because if I did it’d mean a possible no-Broberg in top cut situation what with diversity, and I was confident my deck could win out from 2-2. Perhaps playing with that lack of pressure helped me overcome some adversity here because I ran into what I feel is a bad ruling on how breaker is removed when Xia does her thing. To be specific, breaker reads:

    "R: After you block with this card, the next card your opponent attempts to play this turn gets +X difficulty. X equals the rating of the Breaker keyword granting this ability.”

    Xianhua reads ‘After an attack is blocked you may play 1 attack with a printed damage of 3 (no check necessary)’.

    Simply put, the wording attempt implies a process whereby there is a possibility of success and failure, if there is no check necessary, there is no attempt to play a card, you are simply playing a card without any attempt necessary. That ‘you may play 1 attack (no check necessary)’ is not the next card an opponent is attempting to play, it is the next card they are playing, but not the next card they are attempting to play – which is a big difference.

    I digress, I was upset but wanted to make sure Rob knew I wasn’t upset with him. Nonetheless, I play better upset and took game 3 a little too easily maybe.


    Round 5 vs. Sam playing Earth Goro

    It is impossible for me to lose to Goro. They show me what they have in their hand, then ask me to play a turn with my cards kept plus my cards drawn during their turn to survive. I also know going into their turn what four cards they have access to. Basically, I can only lose to Goro if they don’t form with Goro, and in that case, why are you playing Goro?

    I blocked about 12 Missile Launchers, some Coffee Sambas, and so on and so forth. She started getting some damage in with attacking just with throws but I gain vitality and have answers to that too so it wasn’t difficult. I was considering milling her, and had her cycle near a couple times, but I had the perfect opportunity to end it so I did.

    Game 2 was more of the same, I defended everything and postured to get in 40 damage back at her, but time was called so one and done it was.


    Round 6 vs. Tyler Clark playing Air Remliss

    So yeah, I only practiced against Remliss, and my only two non-wins were against what I knew how to play against. Shoot me, I’m bad. In this case I’m really bad, because his deck sh1t on him for the first 3 turns of game 1, I got him all the way down to 12 and attacked with a Soul Devour and 3 momentum… I did the math and with his zero mod he would block if he checked a 4+. I could have powerfulled it to 12, saving 2 momentum, and made it lethal if he checked 3. But I was being conservative, I had such a lock on the game at that point. Anyways, he checked a 3 and lived with 4. My deck then sh1t on me and I never drew enough of an attack hand to kill him the rest of the 4 vitality way. I know, pitiful and where are my throws. Alas, I am bad.

    I am not ‘that’ bad though, mad at myself, and proud of Tyler for doing such a great job of holding on and coming back, I thought I’d continue to challenge him to survive a few turns of God Rugal. I attacked and attacked and attacked and killed him before time was called.


    Round 7 vs. Zach Moore playing All Cassie Cage

    Believe it or not I had never played against Cassie in a competitive setting until now. I knew she was bad because Rob Snyder couldn’t possibly be wrong, and was pretty confident I could beat it. I didn’t know it was so bad that if I removed its crutches/Inheritance it’d just live on the streets and die. I mean if you don’t inherit the shadows you can at least try to live in the sun. He played 3 of them, 2 on 1 and the 3rd on turn 2. I attacked them with Disarm and other flip mechanics. From there I knew he couldn’t hit me, so I sought out to mill him out. After all, one of my goals was to test the new blood and here was Zach a very strong player but relatively new, like with Chris Pratt before its necessary to put the fear of plan B into their hearts at an early age.

    Pretty soon he was saying things like, ‘I’m just going to play 1 and pass, then try to figure out how to actually hit you during your turn’. Sadly, despite him trying his damndest with two TK masteries to help me out, I had to just kill him and take a win and not a draw (silly 1 hour time limits, if I want to play UFS for two hours let me play for two hours).


    That was enough to secure me 3rd and a match against Lord Raptor the next morning. I had built my deck ready for Raptor, not even playing more than 2 High Seas main because of ‘him’, and Shadow Inheritance of my own main and side to block flash attacks with, Shouken to end his damage/speed enhance, and more. I didn’t know I was so prepared that he wouldn’t even show up for the matches, a couple perfects later and I was on to top 8. The last time I played Justen was worlds 2014 or something when he was a mean Satoshi, pretty sure I perfected him then too 😉 (sorry Pardo, I couldn’t resist).

    Top 8 vs. Kevin Broberg playing Water Xianghua

    Well, I needed to beat him to continue to collect data on Omaha, because TTyner was still winning. I also wanted to keep my win streak up from when I beat him last in Atlanta team US Nats 2017 with Vega, followed by Worlds 2018 with Sakura, and so on and so forth. Basically, if I’m playing Broberg pre-finals he doesn’t have a good record. In finals, I am only 1-3 with him, which is sad times, but once was against my lend in Legacy, once was with a bad 5hs, and once was against a P Howl deck (doesn’t count, my cat beats me with P Howl decks all the time).

    This matchup is on stream, me playing Mega Man and Kevin playing Saiki, so look for those keywords if wanting to see some good UFS. I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping Kevin honest when I am playing as 5hs characters, attacking a lot and often. I did that and threatened his vitality early and often in game 1. He had some bad luck and I took it easily from there.

    Game 2 he kept two Moonsets going first, and while I got out an answer to his silly asset he bounced it turn 2, 3, and 4 Moonset after Moonset. Sigh.

    Game 3 I was hungry, and so was my baby. I turn 2’d him something good. Not only that, I mindwarped him for good measure, telling him he had lost when I played my last attack leading him to miss a play to survive. Its okay, he would have survived with literally no hope of winning, but as you saw above with T Clark – maybe that is an exaggeration, after all I am a 5hs character and I don’t draw attacks when I need them.

    Top 4 vs. Ttyner playing Fire Celinka 2

    Well, somehow Marcus lost to Faye. So I pretty much had no reason to make the finals now. I got to play against the last Omahite I needed to for data collection purposes in Mark, and if I won I’d be playing Scorpion again. I mean, there was no chance a deck with few blocks would survive Scorpion, Tam has good knowledge of Faye, and so on and so forth (so no offense to the Faye player who had a great run). I was proven right during our game 2, Tam announcing his win.

    In any case, its not like I can throw a match and collect data, but game 1 provided me nothing except his deck sucked. Too many White Houses, an ugly starting character, just a lot of meh. I did learn how he played when up against a wall, he got a little testy telling me things like ‘the response window has passed’ when I didn’t respond right away with a Shoouken attack and arrived at the desire to do so before playing an enhance. A little snark is a good thing, but making me play tight instead of loose may not be what is in his best interest going forward.

    After winning game 1 so easily I decided to stress test his deck, see what types of decisions he’d make going into a deck that could block a few copies of his 20+ damage attacks. He did very good math and left me having to hard check blocks or take near fatal amounts early and often. I made the checks to block but couldn’t weather the storm forever, I was hoping to see if I could get him to cycle alas I didn’t find my answers to the 7-9 +4 speed low attacks he was looping twice a turn or more and fell.

    Game 3 I had to make a few decisions, and I decided to whittle him down to get to a place where I could kill him after he extended into me, as I did against John’s Celinka earlier, and as I knew I could flip checks against to survive. The problem was I had horrible foundations out, and only one draw attempt on them, so I had to empty my hand more or less completely to get to a good backswing draw. I did, drew 5, and only saw a Teleport Punch. 30% of the deck is attacks, more after I sided, and I draw 20%, booooo. I had another big decision to make, do I play 4 foundations, and try to finish his 11 vitality after defending another turn of hell? All he had for foundations were blanks and a single Kirin Soul faceup. Well, I knew I couldn’t because he had 1-2 more Moon things and 2 in the trash so if he drew one he’d have 3 at least, all with +2 speed and god knows how much damage. So I went for it, I knew I had to draw at least one really killer attack off my two draws (the TP and my one in play), sadly I checked a 3 on the 6+, and had to commit 3 to draw on the TP, drawing a dud. I did then draw a Plant Barrier with my second draw. Sadly, that wasn’t the decent attack needed to kill him and while I could have attacked threatening him to go down to 3 vitality, or waste his Kirin and let me draw with Gill, I felt the best choice then was to bet/hope he wouldn’t draw a Moon attack, as his other attacks I could block with Plant, get a reversal recurred and kill him with the exactly 7 damage I had on board (+2 syndicate, +1 Yamato, and printed 4 Kersplat). He had the Moon attack, played it and grabbed more and the rest is history.

    This is where I get to the 5hs… if I wasn’t playing 5hs, the challenge being quite real with Gill at times, I’d have seen 7 cards before having to TP into hopes and dreams, I could have drawn 2 attacks more likely with the 30% ratio, etc. I guess what I am saying is, Gill is good, but he is (similar to my VGrey challenge) tough to maneuver in the sense he can have bad draws.

    Mark went on to win the event making me 3rd, which is super great for him, well deserved, and more. The only better alternative would have been if Marcus had kept moving forward so I could have seen him at a final table for a match.

    My thanks to anyone that read all of this, and if you have any questions or comments about the deck or my matches (esp. the two on stream) ask away!
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