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Thread: Dutpotd's Gencon 2019 - MHA Demo Deck Tournament - Plus Ultra card Winner report

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    Dutpotd's Gencon 2019 - MHA Demo Deck Tournament - Plus Ultra card Winner report

    Heading into Gencon I was ready for a first time in forever, I didnít have a competitive card game tournament scheduled to play. Iíve been attending since 2008, playing UFS there up to 2015, and Ashes 2016-2018 but neither had events there this year and I hadnít latched onto any of the less thoughtful card games (Naruto vs. Burrito, ĎSuperíshow, or DB ĎSuperí, Magic the I didnít draw landering, etc.)

    Then Jasco Games dropped a bomb and scheduled some My Hero Academia events, supplementing their game-demo strategy in the hall with 32 man single elimination tournaments to qualify to top-8 chase down a giant Plus Ultra card. Iím not the biggest anime person, but even Iíve watched all of MHA, so this was a perfect fit for me, not to mention I love limited formats as much as I love running an unlimited number of 1-ofs in my standard legal UFS decks. I quickly overlapped an existing boardgame schedule with 4 of the 8 MHA qualifierís, announced to the world itíd be Jeremy Ray and I in the final (we always match up at Gencon, last year it was Crystal Clans, years before Ashes drafts, and of course UFS) and proceeded to prepare mentally for any curveball the demo decks may throw at me.

    To be fair, I wasnít expecting the demo decks to be so fun, so well done, and just altogether attractive. I was blown away when I first saw a deck on Thursday and really didnít know if I wanted to play Izuku or Katsuki. Well, I had 4 events to play in, maybe I could try them both? All Might was given out and allowed to be used in front of either demo deck, which was also brilliant, but he didnít fit either deck quite as well as the aspiring heroes did, so I decided it was a trap to play as him.

    My first event was the 6pm slot on Thursday, the second event run (first held at 1pm). I should say now, the Thursday at 1pm slot was won by Thomas Gordan, and only had 9 or so entrants so I was expecting it to be easy to qualify early and play around in my other events. Well I was wrong, every other event had at or over the 32 of 32 players registered, and a lot of them from new to old and returning were out for best of 1 game blood! I chose to play Izuku first because he had a defensive ability and I wanted to feel out how viable defending was, a look at the block mods, checks and decklist told me it wouldnít work very well, but I was up for the challenge of finding out.

    Game 1 I played against a relatively new player using Izuku as well, he had a demo at the booth but hadnít played otherwise. I taught him the ropes and almost lost but made a strong block check to survive an all in turn of his. The backswing was pretty easy to achieve as long as I didnít check running 3s, and while it started out that way I checked a 5 on my needed/final attack, tossed my hand for +10damage and won.

    Game 2 I ran into a veteran and former rival. Ben Lambright and I played at Gencon in our first encounter in what must have been back in 2011 or so in a UFS legacy event, and while we havenít run into each other much since, we of course see each other at many major UFS events (last one Rockford ptc only a couple weeks ago). He was Katsuki so I was looking forward to seeing if I could really defend with Izuku or not. He won the die roll and proceeded to attack and blow things up turn 2. I held on with about half life left and returned a poke or two then passed with some defense up. I knew if I could survive another barrage Iíd be so far ahead on build (him destroying his) that Iíd have the game on lock. Unfortunately, he checked well, and I needed to hardcheck a 6 to successfully block Katsukiís low attack for lethal Ė needless to say I didnít.

    Done my first tournament I did some reflection. While Izuku could defend Izuku well enough, and interact with Katsuki because of the damage reduction, there were two problems with that matchup. First, using the damage reduction involved playing all of your 1/6 cards, and you really wanted your 6 checks in deck to block or attack with. More importantly, Katsukiís kill card, that got +3 damage if you had blocked earlier, and +x damage if he had momentum and a discard pile came for 4/5 speed low and Izukuís best low block was only a +2. (Katsuki on the other hand had +1 low blocks so a defensive minded mirror was a better possibility to survive with).

    Going into my second event Friday morning at 9am I wanted to stay as Izuku because despite the fact I knew it was uphill against Katsuki, I had lost going second and I wanted to see if it was possible or at least easy to win going first in the matchup.

    I donít remember much about this event, but obviously I lost. Iím pretty sure I made it to the second round of things again and then got blown up by a Katsuki.

    Going into my third event I was pretty determined to prove a point now, and still really enjoying things stayed Izuku. In this event I finally started proving my mettle, beating out two Katskuiís and a Izuku before heading into a matchup against my good friend and travel companion Marc LeBlanc in the semi-final (top 4 of 32). I even got to beat Ben Lambright playing gatekeeper, I challenged him to face me in the Izuku mirror and I won.

    Marc was playing as All Might on Katsukiís deck and playing it well but, as I told him, heíd be better off just playing Katsuki. I proved that to him, staying in control the whole match, but I didnít want to knock him out so I left him at one on my kill turn. Generally speaking, I knew I could qualify in my final event (and sign up for another if possible/needed) while Marc was better off qualifying sooner. I told him he needed to play as Katsuki in the finals so that he had that best chance of winning. He did what I advised and won this qualifier.

    Well I was 0-3 and with one final qualifier the morning of Saturday. I decided it made sense to try to enter in an additional one now if possible and quickly signed up for the 6pm event that Friday.

    I stayed Izuku because I am stubborn and thought, hey Ė I pretty much made the final with him last time. I lost round one in an Izuku mirror. My opponent went first and built 5. Then on turn two attacked and built 4. I was facing 12 foundations to my 6 after her 3rd turn endedÖ I held on forever, knowing the deck component exactly let me do that and forced a situation where if I checked a 6, 1/3 chance Iíd pass a crazy kill string, be able to give it the +10 and just win. I checked a 5 and lost round 1 in my 4th event.

    No one ever said I was one to give up. I had my 9am ticket for Saturday and I still hadnít played as Katsuki, despite knowing it was the better deck. Fine, guess I better start trying as him Ė and from there I won eight straight matches and won the Plus Ultra card. Here is how the 5th qualifier of mine went:

    Game 1 vs. Jray. Wow, I choose to finally play Katsuki and be serious and this is round 1, my predicted final??? I won the die roll and proceeded to kill him turn 3 Ďperfectí 28-0.

    Game 2 vs. Marc. Well, my turn to win. He played All Might and attacked turn 1 because he wanted to see how scary it is. He checked 3 sixes and gave +6, +5, and +4 damage to attacks while committed. Thank god I checked a 6 on a block and only took 19 or so damageÖ I had him out built of course and I just needed to block everything after, I did and won this.

    Game 3 vs. Kevin Carignan. It was another Katsuki mirror. I went first though and I did exactly what I did to Jray, turn 3 perfect 28-0. It was wonderful to get to meet Kevin in person, I knew he was here and had him as a Facebook friend, I love the content for all things games he is putting out and was very happy to get to meet him.

    Game 4 I donít really recall, I think I faced the only remaining Izuku though and since I knew the matchup so well just played to it and won.

    Game 5 I was against the same player Marc beat the day before in the grand final. A player from Canada/Toronto returning to the game having played UFS years ago. He had wizened up and was also playing Katsuki on his own deck (when he lost to Marc he was All Might). This game was really close, I think I had to take a risk that heíd check a 3 on at least one block check and he did so I won and qualified!!!

    Going into Sunday I knew I could win it, I felt confident I had the decks and matchup (particularly the mirror) solved. I believed my win ratio going first was 95% and going second about 50%, that doesnít sound great but it actually is because if I can steal one of my going 2nds in a best of 3 I would win the match. And losing both would be like losing two coin flips in a row, which is a ľ occurrence, 75% chance to win the event was fine with me.

    Game 1 of top 8 was against Ben Lambright again. I already ran him back in an Izuku mirror, it was now a Katsuki mirror, could I do it again? I won the die roll so I figured I had about a 85% chance of winning, unless he had also managed to solve the going 2nd mirror and was up to 50% himself at it. The way he played going 2nd told me he hadnít, he was still blowing up foundations when attacking early and generally trying to pressure me instead of waiting for me to make a mistake. I won game 1 and 3 going first, he was a monster going first with Katsuki Ė probably the best of all the players I witnessed at the event.

    Game 2 or the semi finals was against a fellow from Montreal, a returning player and an all-round great opponent. He had just beat Marc out in top 8 so I needed to avenge my Gencon travel companion. I won the die roll and won game 1, then I won game 2 going 2nd proving to myself what I knew about the Katsuki mirror and how to approach it going 2nd.

    Game 3 or the finals was against Jeremy Ray, my predictions (and formerly my UFS deck lendouts) are pretty much always spot on when it comes to Gencon. For anyone paying attention, I have won the last two events at Gencon (this MHA and worlds 2015) and before that had the 1st/2nd place deck in each of the preceding 3 (Kirk with my Iori losing to Keith and post-errata Angels in 2014, Shane with my Jon Herr deck losing to Jray and Super Skull Man in 2013, and Bittner winning with my Bittner1 build winning in 2012 over Garrison and his pre-errata Angels).

    Anyways, touting my amazing record aside, my prediction was Iíd beat Jeremy because he won at the Crystal Clans final last year with some crazy ass big Queen Bee bullsh1t play and I was still wanting some revenge for that! I lost the die roll, oh well, still had a ĺ chance of stealing serve in one of two tries. I won game 1 going 2nd, playing perfectly, building 5 turn 1, and holding the correct cards to kill him on my turn 2. He underestimated my ability to kill him through 2 blocks, so he blocked early and I just did Rugal things. I win on turn 2 a lot lately, Kevin Broberg knows all about this when he tried to beat up a hungry baby.

    Game 2 I lost going second, what Iím not a miracle worker!!! Game 3 Jray played really well, stuck in well, but I killed him the same way he got game 2 on lock, speed pumping a high attack for lethal. And like that the big card was mine! Or Chris Smithís because I promised him Iíd give it to him when I won. That said, Myles Tyler had been asking me to give it to him all weekend, and he was just so cute in that outfit of his, plus I included him in my Barry Everson demo troll that I went all-in on Saturday nightÖ So yeah, the card went to Omaha with Myles, on the condition Chris got to take it home after the Omaha ptc in late September. Best of both worlds!!!

    Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to ask me anything.
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