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Thread: UFS 101 - A New Player's Guide to Deckbuilding

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    Good read. Thanks for the tips. Still relatively new, about a little more than a year but no tournament play. So this is a nice sort of guideline to consider when working on a deck. It's certainly made me think about my deck building and why in some cases they're a bit slower than I want or maybe even a bit to meaty. I've already broken a few decks down into groups so that next week I can look at them with a closer eye.

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    Great Guide! After I read this I looked through my Charlie deck and counted 28 moves and 14 2cc. Now I have to look into my other 13 decks lol.

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    there is always the rule of thumb though, "What level of attack/action/asset/foundation/character/splits" Ratio do you feel comfortable with, if ya want a deck with an attack ratio of 1:2 attacks:Foundations/action/asset/character then that's your decision, hell if ya want all your attacks to be 2cc then go for it, it's if you've built up a comfort level for that or not, personally i never run 2's unless it's a themed deck, but still...

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    When i was first learning to build decks i was taught to come up with a preliminary list of 16 attacks and 32 foundations, a total of 48 cards. I would then have wiggle room to further customize my deck by adding Actions or Assets, or increasing or decreasing the number of Attacks and Foundations. I still, to this day, start with this ratio as the backbone of any deck when deck building.

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    Fellow Atlanta player here, I've been Drew's teammate since we both started playing back in Set 1.

    Doesn't matter if you're playing control, aggro, tempo, combo, mill, whatever, this guide, especially the ratios Drew goes over, is a great place to start, ESPECIALLY for deckbuilding in Standard. 95% of the decks we've built in Standard use this basis to start with, then get tweaked from there. Legacy and Extended get a little weirder - you'll have decks with 4 attacks, decks with around 20 attacks (lol Clones), etcetera. In Standard currently it's a lot harder to get away with playing either extreme; it's just not really a good idea no matter what character you're playing. The vast majority of good blocks (+0, +1) are on attacks in Standard, with weird exceptions like Carefree. Something to keep in mind if you're trying to build a low-attack count deck.

    The only exception to this rule in Standard is Ivy, really - she wants to play a lot of her pokes, so you might see 20-22 attacks in that deck plus her action, which makes your first few turns of setup really, really terrifying. Her 6 HS combined with how she wants to build her deck makes for chancy turn 1s and forces aggressive mulligans hunting for 3-foundation hands. That said, despite losing Path, she's now a lot more playable thanks to Stand Off being gone.

    2CCs in this format had better kill or seriously cripple your opponent, as fast as it is. Notables are Turn Thruster, Dragon Lifter, and Menuett Dance for generic attacks that most characters in those symbols can work with; these are all VERY efficient attacks that certain - not all - decks will be able to use and justify the 2CC. My advice? If you want to play one of these attacks, do just that. Play -ONE-. 3-4 2CCs means that there WILL be games where you're going first, go to pass that second 2-diff foundation, and fail, basically giving your opponent a free turn. Every 2CC you add past that just increases the odds that that 2 will flip at the worst possible moment - you want your deck to be scary consistent, not explosive 1 game out of 5 and out of gas the other 4.

    Specific characters will have 2CCs that work well with them and not with any other characters - look at Mt. Devil Divider in Yoshimitsu (unblockable), Playful Slice in Xianghua (Tempo with her F, helps set up easy combos) or Wrath of Heaven in Lu Chen (Shuts down your opponent's next turn) for examples of this. Combining these with an otherwise-3CC attack base is not necessarily a bad idea, it'll largely depend on the particular build of that character you're using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLDrew View Post
    The Ten Worldly Truths of Deckbuilding
    [*]Cut down your 2 control check attacks to no more than 6.
    Hey now decks can work with more than six 2 control cards in them they just need 0 difficulty foundations :P

    Great Deck building guide though Drew
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    Thanks for this guide! I haven't been playing long, but I want to get my friends away from Yugioh and into UFS. It's such a good game.

    However, my deckbuilding skills are subpar. (That and I really only have access to Legacy cards for the most part lol. Mai Shiranui FTW)

    This will definately help me out. And I am so happy this game is coming back. Totally buying all of the cards in my Comic Shop lol

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    I've been playing since Fantasy Flight Games, but it's only been booster drafts I've played, so for my first actual deck, this is very insightful. Building my first deck last night, I was slightly overwhelmed by how much stuff you have to keep in mind when building. This has really helped.

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    Glad you guys are liking it. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to ask. I may do another guide soon for metagame decisions.!

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    Is there a Resource Guide for newbs? Something that overviews the stregths of the different resources and maybe highlights a few of the no brainer cards?

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