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Thread: New Beginnings

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    We have the best players ever!

    Just throwing that in. Nice article Paul.

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    *bows to Jason*

    we're not worthy, we're not worthy, lol; also spoil some more cards, preferably characters...

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    Wow...I retired from playing UFS in early 2007..I had to move and put other things in priority...after attending first National was an experience I would never forget...I first heard about the game from Comic-Con in 2005.. I was a big Street Figther fan and they had the Chun-Li demo packs...I was hooked ever since. I felt UFS was at its peak when I retired and moved to NJ from California...and it was hard for me to let go...but I couldn't imagine the feeling that every hardcore UFS player went through with the different acquisitions that that happened after I left, to the point of termination of the game. But thanks to a friend of mine in Florida who mentioned a couple of months ago, "I wish they had a card game with street fighter on it"...I immediately introduced her to UFS..and just the adrenaline of finding out that UFS was still alive, and reading about all the drama that it went through after I left, I felt I had to come back and support JascoGames and keep the game going. Thanks again Jason, and unfortunately I am not prepared for the Vegas tourney, but I will be ready for the Pro Tour in Michigan and I already got a small playgroup going and spreading the word here in NJ...I can't wait for Red Horizon to come out! I am an artist myself, and the art was a big part of what got me hooked into the game. It's great to be a part of UFS again...and it's a pleasure to be associated with all you hardcore UFS players!!!

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    Leaving for Vegas tonight at 9:30pm and will arrive at 10:50pm!! This weekend is going to be LEGEND - wait for it... I hope you're not allergic to milk... - DARY!!!

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    Hi Paul,

    Just got back from Vegas and read this, needless to say I feel the same way. I have to commend you for putting this together, it is something special to see when someone intelligent puts together a post of this quality and means every word of it from the bottom of his heart - not trying to be overly sentimental, but I know some of us do 'love' the game, the community, and, most importantly, the EXPERIENCE.

    We all have a limited amount of time, money, effort, etc. and people like you make spending these personal resources on UFS a truly worthy investment. I am hopeful, I am prepared, and I am looking forward.

    "See you in Michigan" - everyone had better put that in their threads from now until the next UFS experience that I am already dreaming of.

    - Garett
    "No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin Chin."

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    Woot for Michigan pro tour thing!

    Great weekend in Vega - Jason, make sure it's there next year as well.
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    What dates are being looked at for Michigan Pro Tour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodocean View Post
    What dates are being looked at for Michigan Pro Tour?
    All the info you need should be in my signature. If you have any more questions my friend, just pm me.
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