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Thread: Mugen at Nats?

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    Thumbs up Mugen at Nats?

    Hey guys. If I bring Mugen, the open source pc fighting game with over 500 characters ported into it, to Nats will anyone be interested in playing? It will be on an old laptop, but it gets the job done. The controllers are USB 360 controlls with air cooling. We've tried before and USB SF4 arcade stick does work with it.

    If you don't know what Mugen is, youtube "Evil Ken vs Demon Ryu" and watch computers fight its insane. Our version is over 5 years of work and includes King of Fighters, SoulCalibur, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Marvel vs SNK, DC comics, Guilty Gear, Blaze Blu, Melty Blood, anime and more random characters.
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    Toysa you suck... 500 characters geez... now i WISH i could go out west...

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    Oh how I would love to see Red Horizon characters in it after we know what kind of attacks they have int he cards... awesome way to promote the game and characters. XP

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    Just to clear some stuff up, since RH is an IP by Jasco Games, it currently has no mugen characters what-so-ever.

    I could try to make some but it'd take time...


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