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Thread: Great Meeting Everyone @ Nat's!

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    Sal it was great meeting my west coast counterpart. Your a monster and a cool dude.
    Cant wait to see you at another event!
    Viva La Huitzil!
    "Vegas is for drinking, not blocking."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trip Se7ens View Post
    Drew, I still have 2 of your Demon Slayers... whoopies...
    Don't worry about it we have plenty of those.
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    Sal, next year my stick will be bigger than yours

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    was awesome meeting you, didn't get a chance to play any with you, but you played great all weekend and represented the west coast big time.

    Hope to see you come next convention season a little bit more sir!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DabalRowRaizah View Post
    Sal, next year my stick will be bigger than yours
    Well this is the quote of the night... haha.

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    Sal, next time we will get sexy for sure man. I'm always going to play legacy anytime I can!! Def want to get some games in with you!
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