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Thread: B-Rad's Epic Journey to Vegas

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    B-Rad's Epic Journey to Vegas

    So yeah, I just zombie walked through my door about an hour ago and decided, while it was fresh in my mind, to post my rather not so epic report of my first major tournament experience. So let's begin shall we?


    So the original plan for this whole trip was to take a train from Oshawa to Toronto at 4 30 am, a bus from Toronto to Buffalo at like 7, and then fly from Buffalo to Vegas. Well at 1 30 am that morning I get a call from Mike saying we've got a ride down to TO. Ok cool, but I could've been sleeping ><. So instead I yutz around, get lucky and find my old legacy Talim deck from like, three years ago and finally get picked up around 4, not having slept in well over 24 hours.

    The trip itself wasn't all that spectacular, minus the fourty five minutes of turbulance in a plain that Danny Fung was taller then.
    We get into Vegas and check into probably the most incredible hotel I've ever slept in. We had a fricken CONDO for pete sakes. We met up with Ben and Ivey, our roomies and just chilled the rest of the night away, doing what crazy folks do in Vegas.

    Day 2:


    Now I took my standard Good King deck with me down to Nats, being confident in the fact it had beat pretty much every deck in my meta handley at least once. I joined up on a team with Drew Maffei playing Kazuya, and Steven (Trips Seven) playing Cassie. Crossing Swords with Lady Gaga seemed rather formidable on paper. Funny story though, it was a rough go of it.

    Round one we faced one of the West coast teams consisting of Sean, Markus and AJ. They revealed Nina (piloted by Markus), Heiachi (AJ), and 'Rugi (Sean). I ended up squaring off with the dirty old man, and was prepping myself for Chaos beat downs. Lordy, was I wrong.

    Game 1: First turn he drops a decent spill, but it's not Chaos, but Earth. WTF?! Strange Fashions? Faithfull Bodyguards? O...K. So caught off guard, he proceeds to eat 27 vitality like it was 17 and I go down turn 2.

    Game 2: Now I've played a lot of tense and fun games of UFS in the four years I've been playing it , but quite frankly this one will rank up there as one of the best. We both establish great board position, him not being able to draw attacks, and me barley chipping away at his health through all of his character blocks. In hindsight I should've let him hit me more, as he was hiding behind Strange Fashions and I had a couple of Hope for One's Peoples out. Anyway I finally realize this, and on the absolute last turn of the game (time had been called) I commited his Fashions with my Hope, and proceed to combo a Flinging Half Nelson and take the win. Good lord!

    I look over and see Drew drew in his match against Sean, but Steven managed to carry our team, as he plowed through his opponent (I can't remember if it was Nina or Rugi sorry).

    Team Record 1-0 (individual record 0-0-1)

    Round 2: Team Zealot Rush: Kisheri (Kirk Polka), Matt Kohls ('Rugi (I think)), Tira (Garret Brett)

    So we see the match ups and I groan to myself. With the exception of Tira, the other two were in my mind free wins for my opponent. King is too slow to set up against Rugi, and Kisheri will just rip me a new one. So that being said, I ended up being the sacrificial lamb, and get thrown against Kisheri.

    Game 1: I quickly realized having a hand against Kirk would be kind of pointless, so I decided early that my turns would just involve me spamming my hand, and then throwing a monster throw backed by multiple Loves to Talk. Needless to say we just spent the whole game throwing bombs at each other. In the end Kirk drew into enough to Minuette Dance me into oblivion.

    Game 2: Game 2 was much like game 1, in that we'd both just throw bombs and pray the other would fall down first. Unfortunately I fell down first.

    I look over and see my team has valiant gotten it's behind kicked. So we're 1-1.

    Round 3: FoxStance Cassie (Mike Lowe), Jin (Danny Fung), Zi Mei (Ben Shoemaker)

    I ended up getting thrown to the Jin, which I was moderately ok with, given the fact I had a fairly decent record against it.

    Game 1: I pluck away at his life with Half Nelsons, but in the end he spams like 6 attacks at me, and I fall over.

    Game 2: He sides into Killik, arguably King's worst matchup imo. So, having prepped for this for awhile, side into Amy, replacing my throws with Konvict Kicks (as I couldn't find Snack Packs or Frigid Moons till singles) and Dragon Lifters. Again, I chip away at his life, but I end up falling to the 6 attack rush. It hurts... Lots.

    I look over and my team seems to have fallen again. Oh well, no top 8 for us ><.

    It was certainly an interesting experience in my first team event. I got thrown up against one of the craziest UFS builders ever, and a National champion and took both to the limit. Not too bad for a first go.

    Now the other thing I was moderatly looking forward to was Legacy. Ya see, Legacy and me have a very love hate relationship. I love the format in that you can do the wackiest crap possible, make it work, and have a killer deck. But at the same time I hate the format because it can be the most boring to watch/play thing since they invited Magic the Gathering (bazing!. And I'm kidding btw). Anyway I took my three year old Talim deck, having thrown in three Power Ups and four Unorthodox Styles the night before. Now don't get me wrong, this thing was patchwork. I mean, it ran ONE Hop. Yeah, this was gonna be fun:

    Round 1: Hurricane AJ playing HanzoKick Hanzo.

    Game 1: So I sit across from him and just kind of blink. I've never ever seen anyone actual play this Hanzo. So forgetting whether kick was banned or not, I shrug and start playing. Game 1 I drop a good drop, think I used a Power Up (the only time I did all day) and proceeded to Rolling Storm him into next week.

    Game 2: Now a quick thing about this deck. It ran Evil foundations and a LOT of Earth attacks (plus Pants de Lion). Basically the deck relied on Hanzo's E to go off a bunch and just spam a bunch of weenie throws. Well it worked, and I got flailed at until my squishy 19 health fell over.

    Game 3: Game 3 was much like the first, and I stormed that little ninja outta existance.

    Record 1-0

    A good start. I was actually kinda shocked I won, as I hadn't expected a Chaos deck that wasn't K to do anything relavent.

    Round 2: Sean playing Yun Seung

    Game 1: GROAN! He drops Silent Step turn 1, I don't have a Tag Along. Needless to say he proceeds to play half of his deck in the first two turns. Let's move on.

    Game 2: Game 2 I get a Tag Along, and a Whereabouts, and a Hop, and a Path of the Master. Yep, monster god draw. 21 health dies quickly to 15 attacks in my card pool.

    Game 3: Much like Game 1, he sets up before I have a chance to even blink. I go down fast, very very fast.

    Record 1-1

    Ok so, that was more like I was expecting to walk into. You Will Not Escapes and more crazy overpoweredness. It was fun, honest

    Round 3: Matt Kohls playing himself

    Wow my first ever match against a person with cardboard. Anyway he was playing usual Evil shennangins of Orange card, blue card, blue card, blue card.

    Game 1: I manage to set up a decent board position, and drop the poor guy down to three life. Unfortunatly he has enough blocks to live through the turn. He then proceeds to Chain Throw, double Absurd me. I die, horribly.

    Game 2: Game 2 was a good one, as I throw everything but the kitchen sink at him and again, get him down to near dead. And then I get hammered by Sankuro's mighty hammer, and fall over.

    Record 1-2

    Well that was a wake up call. Matt's a great player and it was good times playing against him. Ya can learn a lot from just watching the top tier players playing.

    Round 4: Ben Shoemaker playing Promo Guy

    Oooooooh poor Ben. A week before he sent me a deck list of what he wanted to play. I had most of what he was needing, but unfortunately could only find a set of BRTs to spot him. The night before the tourney he didn't even have his UR M. Bison. So instead he settled on Guy, and we were away.

    Game 1: Another god draw saw me drop a Path and a Whereabouts pretty quickly. The kill turn consisted of me throwing three fully multipled out Jackknife Kicks at him, with the last one coming in for 13 speed 25 damage thanks to Talim's ability and PotM.

    Game 2: Oooooooooooh poor Ben. Turn one he drops a couple of foundations, and then I proceed to drop 5 foundations, one of which being a Red Lotus of the Sun. Next turn he, for whatever reason decides to Infiltrating. I sort of blink, not say anything as he RFGs his staging area, and then calmly turn my Red Lotus sideway. It was all downhill from there for him. I Rolling Storm him a LOT, and Talim's quest to rid UFS of ninjas continued successfully.

    After some gypsy magic (as Jeremy Ray would say), I went from second place after Swiss somehow down to on the bubble with Ben. Both of us had the exact same tiebreakers, so instead of settling it with a coinflip, Jason said that since I beat Ben, I got into top 8. Sweet!

    Friday night was fun, as folks just relaxed, gambled a bit, and hung out. It was good times had by all right?


    The big day. Now for whatever reason, I may scrub out during casual play but always manage to step up when it came to actual serious tournies (the Shwa Regionals and SAS for example). Needless to say, that didn't happen today.

    I didn't record what happened but needless to say I got beaten up a lot and scrubbed out finish one and four. It was a shame, but in the end I just had a bad day. It happens, and I'm over it lol.

    Now Saturday night on the other hand, wow what a night. I'll let other folks tell the story as they're probably going to be much more articulate than I, but lets just say I now have one of those Vegas stories that ya tell all yer buddies at work when ya get back. Thankfully, I wasn't the main star .


    Legacy top 8:

    I draw Matt Kohls and groan a bit. I don't like getting hammered by Sankuro's mighty hammer, and it wasn't looking too promising.
    For whatever reason I can't find my sheet with my recording on it, but somehow, someway I managed to squeek past Matt, Rolling Storming my heart out multiple times and getting the win. Holy crap I was in top 4!

    Legacy top 4:

    Kirk ended up playing what I was going to bring to this event, had I the motivation to go through twelve boxes of stuff to build LCK Alba. I just sorta stare in disbelief as I watch him throw the dude with the cool shades down.

    Game one wasn't real pretty, as he set up big board position, and the only attack I drew with any
    frequency was the off symbol Rolling Storm. I proceeded to get Reppa's off the table.

    Game two I drew probably the best draw ever against an Order deck. A Whereabouts, a Path, a Red Lotus, and a Destiny. So what does Kirk do to spoil my fun? He drops BRT then THREE Curse Brokens! WTF?! Anyway, after he figurativly kicked me between the legs a dozen times, I draw into a Jackknife Kick and double Rolling Storm. In hindsight I probably should've led with a Jackknife Kick to make my life less stressfull, but I led with the Storm, which got BRTed and I lost Talim, Red Lotus and Path to Curse Brokens. I pass the Storm, and he ends up eating a good chunk of damage. At the same time though, I ended up eating a fully mutipled Reppa to the face, and almost died when he failed the check on a reversal Flash Needle. PHEW! I throw a Jackknife kick at him and he falls over.

    Game three went like this. First card played of Kirk's first turn was Fortune Teller. He proceeds to check a YWNE. Second card checked was a LCK. A little bit of math would show that the game was over right then and there. I get locked down in quick order and my card playing days at US Nats were over.

    So I finish Legacy 4-4 overall, and finished 4th. Got a HUGE pile of schwag, even if my binder of Quest for Souls didn't have any rares or URs in it and a big pile of promo characters instead lol. No complaints there

    Sunday night was fun as I watched other Oofsers either lose lots of money, or somehow luck sack out like Olexa and make a crap ton.


    So no sleep for us Canadians! We stay up all night with Ivey and Ben, and leave around five thirty for the airport. After finding out our plain to Jersey was delayed, almost have a heart attack when we landed in Jersey with ten minutes to catch our next flight only to find out it was delayed for an hour, to the gong show that was Mike almost losing his luggage in Buffalo, it certainly was a very entertaining day. Anyway we all got home, exhausted but thoroughly entertained by the weekend.


    Jason and Drew for throwing great tournaments and giving out a ton of schwag.
    Danny Fung's uncle who hooked us up with a condo in Vegas
    Danny Fung for being an amazing friend to both myself and Mike Lowe
    Mike Lowe for lending a hand when needed (no homo)
    Drew Maffei, Ben Shoemaker, and Jeremy Ray for helping me have one of the most amazing Saturday nights of my life
    All the other American UFS players for being amazing people to hang out with
    OMAR CHAVEZ for being a catalyst, an enabler, an entertainer, and for being heavy as f&$k!


    Me! For scrubbing out hard in both teams and singles.
    Neocon, for being the most balls convention EVER!
    60 dollar badges I never needed!
    Continental Airlines. Worst. Airline. Ever

    Well that's it for my report. This was done at 4 am so if I missed anything, please feel free to post and correct me .

    Cheers and see y'all at various PTQs and Can Nats in the summer!


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    was nice to really meet you and hang out good sir! Hopefully we will be seeing you around during the ptc season and can nats!

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    my brain is still melted from this trip.
    cant believe I walked right into that lotus lol.
    Viva La Huitzil!
    "Vegas is for drinking, not blocking."

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