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Thread: A love letter to the UFS community at Nats

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    Red face A love letter to the UFS community at Nats

    I wanted to post a belated yet heartfelt message to everyone at the UFS US Nationals this past weekend. I have cross posted this both in a Facebook note as well as the JascoGames forums because I'm feeling extra sappy this morning. I would have posted sooner, but I literally hit the ground running and had a car pick me up to get back to work after an early flight home.

    In the months leading up to this event I was dealing with many severe problems professionally, health wise, and personally. To say I was rather low coming into this event would have been an understatement. I want to thank each and every UFS community member from this weekend for helping me turn my spirits around.

    In victory or defeat, UFS players are more than happy to give out advice and point out mistakes to avoid in the future. More importantly, UFS players do not do this in a “Ha ha you screwed up! You suck!” manner but in a genuine place of wanting to help each other become better players. I just have not seen that from any other CCG community. For that, I thank you.

    At the risk of unintentionally leaving anyone out, I'd like to give some shout outs. If I inadvertently out anyone as a nice person in this bad!

    To Matt Kohls, thank you for being a great sport and a terrific ambassador for all that is good in the UFS community. Not only were you extremely gracious during the match and in defeat, you are also beyond gracious in victory. Coming over after I came up short for my team in the championship match and having kind words for us meant more to me than you know.

    To Garret, thank you for having patience with me as I got more and more tired during our marathon Teams championship match.

    To Kirk, thank you for providing tuning suggestions and being willing to work with me via email/PM to come up with some Legacy ideas. Next time we meet, I'll actually remember to swap DQ IX maps with you.

    To Drew, thank you for finding seemingly endless ways to misspell my name :P. You are an absolute blast to hang around and a terrific tournament administrator.

    To Jason, thank you for putting on a truly memorable tournament. In spite of all of the obstacles put in front of you not only by the convention organizers but the venue itself, you always had a smile on your face and infinite patience for all of us. And, good grief, did you ever come through on the prize support! The only majors I've ever played in were the 2008 World Championships and the Path of the Master. Your prize support delivery was far superior to those! Most importantly, thank you for keeping the game we all love alive!

    To Ben, thank you for being an absolute riot to play against. From bee costumes to hilarious trashing talking banter that most stand up comedians would give their left nut to be able to perform, you are a great..GREAT man! Congrats on being the 2010 United States champion. Congrats on the new job at Google. Next time we meet, you better bring the macaroni and make it rain.

    To Ivy, thank you for putting up with the endless “That's what she said...” comments all weekend. You truly know how to hang with the raunchiest of the UFS community.

    To Jeremy, thank you for wearing such loose fitting shorts. You know what I'm talking about

    To Andrew, thank you for being every bit of the nice guy I remember you as from previous events. One of these times, I'm going to break me off a piece of that man candy that is Andrew Olexa

    To Omar, thank you for being a stand up honest guy. You may party as rowdy as anyone else in the UFS community, but the truth of the matter is you truly are a gentleman.

    Mike Lowe, thank you for being able to “take it”. There are far too many people out there who fall into the category of “They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it”. You catch more than your fair share of grief and yet you always smile. Plus, you are a fellow lantern, so you're good in my book.

    To my teammates on Team Epic FA!L, thank you for carrying my weight all the way to the championship round.

    To Sean, thank you for all the deck advise. Even when you are barely awake, “Hey Marcus, have you thought of adding this to your deck”. I look forward to the next time we can team up.

    To Iari, thank you for being so supportive. You are truly a sweetheart.

    To Sam...I like you Pony Boy!

    To Sal...You did not fall off that escalator!

    To AJ...Three Sauces!

    In closing apologies to anyone I unintentionally omitted. I look forward to hanging out with each and everyone one of you again some day.

    To the UFS community (raising my glass) may it always be this good!

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    Gonna 2nd everything Marcus said.

    The community for this game is awesome.

    Vegas is an AMAZING place to host nats.

    They do in fact have three sauces.

    Fat Burger = amazing. I can't even eat In N Out anymore.

    And i did not fall off an escalator.
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    Excellent post Marcus. It was a joy meeting and playing against you, of course they had to pair up the two 'tech' decks and leave the agro beaters to themselves in that team final. A marathon match was pretty much an inevitability ^^, but we wouldn't play characters like Nina and Life Tira if we didn't like the 'thinking' type games, now would we

    I really hope to see you again at future UFS events. The community is excellent, it isn't just a 'card game', it is an experience - and the experience isn't the same without all of the wonderful personalities we have that play the game, yourself being a perfect example of that.

    You did great, and I'm sure you know that. More importantly I hope you had fun doing so. All the best!

    - Garett
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    I'm late the this party, as usual...i blame my Filipino heritage! Lolz!

    I have to 3rd what's been said here; my experience this past weekend far surpassed every expectation i had going in!!

    To have read about and only conversed through forum posts with players such as Kohls, Olexa, and J-Ray, for example, it was such an honor being able to square up against them in the ring (Kohls and Olexa, specifically), and meeting was really a great great weekend for me!

    I'll post more in my own thread (forthcoming)...needless to say, i'm making plans for GenCon, and i hope to re-acquaint myself with everyone i met this weekend! Y'all rock my sox off, fo'sho!!


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    Three kinds of sauces?!? LOL

    To anyone who doesn't know this, Marcus, AJ, Sam and myself were at a Dennys late at night and while me Marcus and Sam were having a meaningful conversation AJ, who obviously wasn't paying attention, blurts out in the middle "Whoa they have 3 kinds of sauces!?." He was talking about dipping sauces for the sampler. We all had a good laugh at that.
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